What To Look For In An Astrology Reading

Looking to the future brings with it a certain amount of anticipation, or apprehension, toward what may lie ahead. With circumstances in our present society so volatile, so unpredictable, it is small wonder that many seek advice from a psychic, card reader or astrologer. For them, such counsel may be the only way of coping with the uncertainties of future events.

But what of the future? Are the events and circumstances in our lives pre-destined, or do we really have control over what will happen? Every once in a while, in our more contemplative moments, the age-old question of destiny vs. free will creeps into our consciousness in one way or another.

No matter where you stand on the destiny/free will issue, you’re bound to run into trouble. To suggest that we are manipulated like puppets in a pre-set drama whose conclusion has already been ordained in the heavens is absurd. On the other hand, to say that there are no outside forces working their effects in our lives is equally ridiculous.

Perhaps the only way to resolve this quandary is to take the middle ground, saying that our lives are composed partly each of destiny and free will.

In my own experience as an astrologer, having done thousands of charts over the years, it appears that with most people, only a small percentage of things in life are actually pre-destined.

The majority of events and circumstances seem to be a product of the choices we make and the energies we expend to bring them about.

One of the most common misconceptions of newcomers to astrology, or to any of the divinatory arts, is that the practitioner holds some mystical key to the deepest, darkest secrets of their soul or that his predictions are irreversibly set in stone.

Advisors who make such claims or who leave the client with the feeling that ‘This is what’s going to happen, and there’s nothing you can do about it,’ are blatantly irresponsible. Such approaches only minimize the client’s free will for the sake of inflating the advisor’s own sense of power.

As implied above, don’t succumb to fear tactics. Some disreputable readers will make a prediction of death, violence or illness, leaving you to wonder when, where and to whom it may happen, just so you’ll keep coming back for more readings.

Among respectable practitioners, it is generally known that predictions, unless accompanied by the very rare occurrence of Divine Inspiration or Intervention, cannot be stated absolutely. Psychic perceptions or astrological assessments, furthermore, are filtered through the advisor’s own set of values, prejudices and attitudes, and inevitably come out so biased.

So, why should you consult an astrologer or psychic advisor? The true advisor gives hope, inspiration, encouragement and a realistic game plan for the future.

Preferably, he or she should possess a certain amount of spiritual integrity or wisdom to distinguish the more appropriate choices in any given situation from those less so.

You should feel better after a consultation, having your best feelings about yourself confirmed and many doubts erased, with a renewed sense of optimism about the future.

If anything can be said to be ‘destined,’ it is the influences themselves, not how we react to them. No one could argue about it if the moon was in the first house of the astrological chart, for example, or if the planet Jupiter was transiting the Midheaven. We create the events and circumstances in our lives by reacting to these influences positively or negatively, for better or for worse. It is the astrologer’s job to guide clients through an understanding of these influences, to caution against possible limitations and inspire them to action when conditions are favorable.

In the final analysis, what you should expect from an astrology reading is a certain level of competency and some degree of accuracy. Don’t be satisfied with generalized advice or recommendations that proceed strictly from common sense. Your astrologer should be able to tell you something significant about yourself he or she could not have known in advance.

In addition, any astrologer worth his or her salt should be able to make definite predictions, specifying the dates or exact time periods in which they should occur. Don’t expect to get all the details or specifics regarding a future event.

There is just so much the chart can reveal. Your astrologer might tell you, for instance, that there could be a problem with a child in the first part of April, but may not be able to see exactly what the problem will be.

Thus, you may have to read meanings into predictions of the future based on what you already know about your life.

The quality of an astrology reading varies widely from practitioner to practitioner, and each astrologer will have his or her own approach to the reading experience. Trying to find the best reader for you can be a dizzying prospect.

Astrological organizations may or may not be a reliable source of information. An astrologer who has the most credentials may not make the best reader. Far and away, the best possible source of information is word-of-mouth referral, but even here, you have to be careful.

If your friend tells you so-and-so is a good astrologer, ask you friend what kind of information the reading contained. If you’re an intellectual type, you’ll want specific dates and answers.

Emotional types are looking for a ‘feel good’ experience. Both approaches are valid.

With the foregoing in mind, it’s easy to see how choosing the right astrologer can make or break the reading experience. With inquiry and a little bit of perseverance, you should be able to find an astrologer who is just right for you. Unquestionably, there are many good ones out there.