Aquarius April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Hey Aquarius ! The focus for the month will be on neighborhoods. local travel, education, and communications as the Sun occupies your solar Third House until the 19th. After that, the spotlight shifts to domestic and family concerns as the Sun enters Taurus, joining Mercury on April 23rd 2018, and your solar Fourth house.

Moon square Sun on the 1st, a time to lay low in quiet perspective. Your energy stores could be depleted. The 4th, when Sun trines Pluto, can bring an excellent financial pot of gold your way. Your and your partner can make new friends and feel a part of groups that are to your liking.

The Full Moon, on the 8th, focuses your attention on education, travel, religion, legal matters, publishing and in-laws. Situations involving those matters will be highlighted in the next two weeks. Change your hair-do, stylize your wardrobe, get contact lenses, whatever. The change will dramatically unleash your personality and free you up to be what you want to be when Sun sextiles your ruler, Uranus, on the 13th.

The trine between Sun and Mars, on the 14th, could enhance your social agenda, and bring some new friends into your already abundant circle. Communications and shared experiences will seal this one as a keeper. With Moon square Sun on the 15th, your energy is high and work should proceed smoothly, other than contending with a bitchy co-worker.

The New Moon, on the 23rd, puts the attention on family and domestic situations. This would be a good time to launch home repairs and decoration projects. Sun square Neptune on the 28th, business proposals by associates are more fluff than substance. Not a good day for travel.

April 2018 sees Mercury in Pisces and your solar Second House of financial concerns, income and personal values, entering Aries on the 6th, in your solar Third House of neighbors, local travel, study and writing. On the 23rd, Mercury enters Taurus and your solar Fourth House of home and family turning your thoughts to their security and happiness. Your communicative ability is inspirational, and maybe even hypnotic, when Mercury sextiles Neptune on the 10th.

The 11th is great for travel plans and new romance for singles, those in a committed relationship can reach greater understanding when Mercury sextiles Jupiter. The 14th, when Mercury trines Pluto when associates can give you a great suggestion that gives the green light to communication projects and endeavors. The 18th would be a good time to advance your educational and long-term goals when Mercury sextiles Uranus. Mercury square Neptune on April 25th 2018, indicates that a viewpoint expressed by a family member is vague and ill conceived, don’t put too much credence into it.

Venus starts out the month in Aries and your solar Third House, bringing love and harmony to local travel, neighborhood interests and communciations. Your manner of presenting and carrying yourself is favorable enhanced as your persona is charming and persusive now.

Communicative, educational, and neighborhood endeavors can be in focus once again when Venus resumes direct motion on the 20th. You’ll enjoy a peaceful moment when you just feel at ease with the world when Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 1st. Dealing with children can be smooth and harmonious on April 5th 2018.

Those eligible may decide this would be an excellent time to expand their family circle.when Jupiter trines imaginative, blissful Neptune. Moon opposing Venus on the 8th; it’s substance not content that makes a difference today, misunderstandings abound. Moon conjoins Venus on the 20th, romance goes well, social activities are enhanced and the likelihood of a new friend. A good day all in all.

Friends and group activities are given the focus of your energy and zeal as Mars occupies your solar Eleventh House for the month of April, activating your time with social groups and friends. You should be the recipient of many exciting social invitations. Moon square Mars, on the 6th, in your solar Eighth House, can give potency and lust to your physical encounters. Would it be a physical encounter otherwise? Beats me.

You could easily be the “life of the party” on the 10th, when Mars sextiles Uranus. Your personna is magnetic and your knowledge is impressive. The 12th, when Moon conjuncts Mars, can see heated disagreements between associates. You’ll likely not know what hit you, but resist the temptation to tell everyone just where they can get off. Moon opposite Mars, on the 27th, not a good day to go out, friends are too demanding and you just don’t feel up to it.

On April 20th 2018, Saturn enters Gemini and your solar Fifth House. The next two years could bring a stabilizing and steady influence to your relationships with children and to your romantic life. You’ll feel less like socializing as this time can bring more serious intentions into your life.

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