Cancer April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun starts out the month in Aries, and your solar Tenth House making career and business your focus for the bulk of the month of March, as the Sun moves through your solar Tenth House until the 19th. After that, the Sun moves into the fixed Earth Sign Taurus, joining Mercury on the 23rd, and your solar Eleventh House of friends, associates, income from work and your hightest aspirations. With the Moon square Sun on the 1st, partners collaborate well, but watch ego conflicts.

Good news about a better, more meaningful job could come your way on the 4th when Sun trines Pluto. The Full Moon, on the 8th, puts the emphasis on home and family conditions. Property matters may be a concern, with some of you buying and selling.

Look for unusual and unexplored opportunities to enhance your income, especially shared resources and investments on the 13th, when Sun sextiles Uranus. The Sun/Mars trine on the 14th encourages forward momentum with work related projects. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious.The 15th, when Moon squares Sun, family members need attention and TLC, without reprisals.

The New Moon, on the 23rd, in your Solar Eleventh, puts the focus on friends, group associations and your personal goals. However, watch the 28th, when Sun squares Neptune. Financial mistakes are easy and easy to overlook.

Venus in Aries, and your solar Tenth House of profession, career and ambition, turns retrograde on the 9th. Advancing your career and making solid professional gains is the order of business when Venus returns to direct motion on the 20th.

The sextile between Venus and Jupiter, on the 1st, enhances home entertaining; a good day for a family reunion. The 5th encourages involvement with an enlightening spiritual or religious endeavor when Jupiter trines visionary Neptune. Moon opposes Venus on the 8th, bringing an awareness that your objectives may need to be rearranged.

Be adaptable. It’s not the end of the road, it’s the path you take that makes the difference. Moon conjoins Venus on the 20th, your good mood is catching, with a serene and happy note.

Mars is in Sagittarius, and your solar Sixth House, for April 2018, giving you more ambition and energy to tackle work projects. Health should be robust and you can enjoy an up turn in your physical stamina. Moon squares Mars on the 6th, keep your cool and be tactful with co-workers and associates. A stimulating sextile between Mars and Uranus, on the 10th, can shine the light on a perplexing work problem.

The 12th, when Moon conjuncts Mars and annoying circumstances may get the better of you, put your considerable energy into physical labor, especially in work and self-improvement projects. Moon opposing Mars on April 27th 2018 gives you a lot of energy, use it constructively to take care of some little bits of business that have been crying out for attention. You may have to deal with tough issues and face some unpleasant moments when Saturn moves into Gemini on the 20th. The next 2 years can help you deal with some unresolved personal issues.

Mercury starts out the month in Pisces and your solar Ninth House of travel, education, law and matters at a distance. After the 6th Mercury moves into Aries and your solar Tenth House of profession and career, with some of you making plans for a job change; this would be an excellent time for interviews. On April 23rd 2018 Mercury moves on to Taurus and your solar Eleventh House increasing your social quotient and time spend with friends.

A good time to broaden your mental interests. The 8th would be a beneficial day for meetings and conferences when Mercury conjuncts Venus. Your hunches are right on the money, no pun intended, when it comes to a fianancial project. Trust your intuition when Mercury sextiles Neptune, on the 10th. The 11th, when Mercury sextiles Jupiter, a work related project proceeds smoothly; it helps that everyone is on the same page.

The 14th is also promising when Mercury trines Pluto and higher-up’s see what you know and what you can do, and are favorably impressed. The 18th is a grand shopping day, your purchases may lean towards the dramatic and unusual, but they will be straight from the heart.

The square on the 25th, between Mercury and Neptune, can see you running into deception from a friend or trusted companion. Best to take it with a grain of salt.

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