Capricorn April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Attending to home and family matters will be high on the agenda for Capricorns this April 2018 as the Sun occupies your solar Fourth House, until the 19th. After that it moves on to Taurus, a fellow Earth sign, and your solar Fifth house of pleasurable pursuits, artistic and creative interests, romance and children.

Moon square Sun on the 1st, adds to your initiative and energy, a good time for new projects and self promotion. A confidential investment tip may come your way, maybe by accidentally being at the right place at the right time, on the 4th, when Sun trines Pluto.

The information is reliable enough to revise your portfolio plans. The Full Moon, on the 8th, in your solar Tenth, spotlights your career interests. Family members can be rebellious and petulantly independent.

You may receive a confidential, financial tip that could be advantageous when Sun joins Uranus in a beneficial sextile on the 13th. The beneficial trine between Sun and Mars, on the 14th, gives you the energy and impetus to tackle your Spring Cleaning projects.

Also a good time to clear out the cobwebs in your mind, and make way for a new attitude. Moon square Sun on April 15th 2018 gives romantic energy to an evening with a special partner. The New Moon, on the 23rd, highlights your solar Fifth House of romance, creativity and games of sport and chance.

A new romance may be favored, for those in the running. A good time to launch an artistic and creative endeavor. When Sun squares Neptune onApril 28th 2018, an associate has sketchy financial information, don’t loan money and no investments in a “sure thing.” Got it?

Mercury begins the month in Pisces, in your solar Third House with the spotlight on communication, short trips and education, moving into Aries, and your solar Fourth House of home and family on the 6th.

After the 23rd, Mercury lands in Taurus and your solar Fifth House of romance, children and creative pursuits, urging you to take a break and get some enjoyment out of life. The sextile between Mercury and Saturn on the 5th can provide you with an opportunity to successfully resolve a problematic situation with a child or a romantic interest. Mercury sextile Neptune on the 10th, brings an inspirational project your way.

The 11th settles down nicely when Mercury sextiles Jupiter, an investment tip can be worthy of your attention. Travel is pleasant. The 14th, Mercury trine Pluto, can see positive strides and much forward motion perceiving the real issue at hand with a formerly sulky family member. A home business may suddenly take off and be favorably productive on the 18th, when Mercury sextiles Uranus. The 25th, when Mercury squares Neptune, warns you to avoid being taken in by someone who is charming and utterly guileless.

Home and family life can be happy and harmonious as Venus spends the month in Aries and your solar Fourth House, a good time for home beautification projects and entertaining. If those projects have been stalled or frustratingly slow, they should pick up momentum after the 20th, when Venus returns to direct motion once again.

The Venus/Jupiter sextile, on the 1st, provides you with an opportunity to promote some home beautification projects you’ve had in mind. The 5th would be a fortunate day to pursue work related matters and ensure beneficial gains when Jupiter trines Neptune; an investment tip is lucky now Moon opposing Venus on the 8th; home is busy and active, counter a face off with an in-law with calm tranquility. Moon conjunct Venus on the 20th, encourages time in quiet enjoyment, just the two of you.

Mars spends the month in Sagittarius energizing your solar Twelfth House. Mars here suggests that working in private and seclusion is productive and enables you to consolidate your various projects and deal with each one successfully.

Mars in the Twelfth can indicate a temporary lack of energy or vitality. This is an advantageous time to work behind the scenes to recharge your batteries. On the 6th, Moon squares Mars, giving you energy to tackle and complete a project that may have been annoying or irritating to you. The Mars/Uranus sextile, on the 10th, can give you creative visions and inspirations to reach your most cherished goals. Behind the scenes activities get a boost from the Moon/Mars conjunction on April 12th 2018.

A good day to address private and confidential concerns. Moon opposite Mars on the 27th, warns against quarreling with a co-worker who knows how to push all your buttons. Capricorn’s are generally slow to anger, so don’t let him/her get your Goat. God!

I can’t believe I said that. Get it?? Goat is the animal that rules your sign?? Capricorn? Goat?? Err, never mind. Meanwhile, Saturn, your ruling planet, enters Gemini and your solar Sixth House. You may find jobs and work require more detail and planning. If you have prepared well, you’ll be up to the task.

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