Gemini April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

As the Sun travels through your solar Eleventh House, the spotlight for Gemini this month will be on friends, groups associations, achieving your highest aims and social and humanitarian interactions.

On the 19th, the Sun moves into Aries and your solar Twelfth House, joining Mercury on the 23rd, when the pace will slow down, and you become more introspective and prize your privacy and seclusion. On the 1st, Moon square Sun, things cool down a bit.

Financial interests could conflict with lovers and good times, don’t manipulate love or money. Deeper and more meaningful understanding with domestic partners can be reached on the 4th, when Sun trines Pluto. With the Full Moon, on the 8th, the emphasis will be on fun, love, romance, children and creative activities. The 13th, when Sun sextiles Uranus, could see couples planning travel and vacation excursions.

Alternative and unconventional educational pursuits are also favored, as is legal and publishing matters. The trine between Sun and Mars, on the 14th, could bring you the energy and drive necessary to achieve your goals. Partners and socializing blend well.

However, with the squares between the Moon and Sun, on April 15th 2018, you could find some good bargains today, but most of your funds are already earmarked. April’s New Moon, on the 23rd, lands in your solar Twelfth House, with the highlight on introspective and private thoughts.

Your strength could be in your silence. Sun square Neptune on the 28th, warns you to keep on your toes, woolgathering or dreaminess could spoil a flash of intuition.

Mercury starts out the month in Pisces and your solar Tenth House of career, profession and status. On the 6th, your ruler moves into Aries and your solar Eleventh House, where friends ideas and thoughts will be forthcoming, giving you an excellent soundingboard for your own agenda. On April 23rd 2018, speedy Mercury moves into Taurus and your solar Twelfth House.

The pace will slow down a bit and you’ll welcom a chance to catch up on your correspondence and to sort out your thoughts. A good day for networking and brainstorming with cherished friends would be the 8th when Mercury and Venus conjunct, adding a touch of eloquence in your speech on the 5th. Trust your intuition when Mercury sextiles Neptune, on the 10th. The 11th is also a grand day for good communications with a Mercury/Jupiter sextile, your good mood and good spirits will be contagious.

The 14th sees socializing with friends and club activities when Mercury trines Pluto, cozy intimate chats can be uplifting and go right to the heart of the matter. Meanwhile, on the 18th, Mercury sextiles Uranus, bringing advantageous changes surrounding educational, travel, publishing and legal matters. Expect the unexpected. Mercury square Neptune on April 25th 2018, don’t put any credence in idle rumors from the gossip mill.

Mars is still in Sagittarius; your solar Seventh House of partnership and close relationships, for the month, prompting you to devote energy and attention to your personal and significant partnerships. Family members are looking for trouble on the 6th, when Moon squares Mars. An ingenious partner may have an offbeat solution, when Mars and Uranus unite in a fortunate sextile on the 10th.

Emotions may get the upperhand resulting in quarrelsome tiffs with partners when Moon and Mars conjunct on the 12th. The 27th is likely going to be “squabble with your spouse” day as the opposition between Moon and Mars can bring minor disagreements.

Your personality will be undergoing a serious overhaul for the next two years, when Saturn enters your sign on the 20th. Even eternally youthful Gemini’s have to grow up sometime.

Venus continues the month in Aries and your solar Eleventh House, increasing your sociability and your outgoing nature, turning direct on the 20th. Contention among friends is pleasantly resolved now that Venus is back on track.

The 1st sees an opportune time for real estate and dealings with financial institutions when Venus sextiles Jupiter. On the 5th, Jupiter trines Neptune, ideals and dreams are within your grasp with the right vision.

Moon opposing Venus on the 8th, a friend could be needy and seek your company. Cheering people up is what you do best, isn’t it? Moon conjoins Venus on the 20th, group matters and friendships are emotionally rewardig.

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