Libra April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Hey Libra ! Sun in your solar Seventh House, a “home’ placement for Librans, highlighting dealings with others, particularly those with whom you share a committed partnership. After April 19th 2018, the Sun moves into Taurus, joining Mercury on the 23rd, and your solar Eighth House, where the emphasis shifts to shared resources, financial concerns and sexual activity.

Moon square Sun on the 1st, your excess energy would be well spent in domestic and household chores.

The 4th, when Sun trines Pluto can advance your speaking and writing skills, a good time to address a group with like concerns. The Full Moon, on the 8th, in your solar First House, would be an ideal time to promote your own projects and launch new ventures.

The 13th, can provide an opportunity to get out and enjoy some recreational and fun times, especially with children or close ties, when Sun sextiles Uranus. Why not explore something off the beaten path? Hot romantic prospects turn the tables, in a positive way, when Sun joins Mars in a stimulating trine on the 14th.

When Moon squares Sun on the 15th, you are forthright, energetic and at your most charismatic concerning a business situation. The New Moon, on the 23rd, falls in your solar Eighth House. Your thoughts will center around financial planning and achieving the goal of long-term security.

Sun square Neptune on the 28th, don’t be naive and fall for the oldest line in the book. Be alert and watchful for cons.

Venus, your ruler, in Aries, and your solar Seventh House brings harmony to your close and intimate partnerships. You and a close romantic tie can further enhance your loving commitment. Venus, your ruling planet, turns direct in motion on the 20th, at which time your feelings and emotions will be more focused and less scattered. Whatever you and a partner have planned, romance, a trip, business meetings, will go very well on the 1st, when Venus sextiles Jupiter.

Matters of publishing, legal affairs, long distance travel and higher education can be lucky and beneficial for you on the 5th, when Jupiter trines Neptune. With Moon opposing Venus on the 8th, don’t step on tender-hearted toes; a loved wears her heart on her sleeve tonight. Moon conjoins Venus on the 20th, elevates your expressive ability to a new high, you are magnetic and persuasive.

Mars will be in Sagittarius and your solar Third House, for the month of April 2018, giving you more energy and zeal for local travel, neighborhood projects, short trips and communication concerns. On the 6th, Moon square Mars, don’t blow a misunderstanding out of proportion.

Family intimacy is intense. The benerficial sextile between Mars and Uranus, on the 10th, can stimulate your creative juices. Love and romance heat up. The Moon/Mars conjunction, on the 12th, encourages you to be more bold and outspoken. This would be a good time to speak up about some injustice that has been bothering you. Moon opposite Mars on the 27th, could see squabbles over a ideological parting of the ways.

Your long term goals and aspirations may need review and revision with Saturn entering your solar Ninth House, and Gemini, on the 20th.

Mercury begins April 2018 in Pisces and your solar Sixth House of work, occupation, health and daily habits. Children or lovers may manipulate and encourage impulsive spending. On the 6th, Mercury enters Aries, and your solar Seventh House of partners.

Ideas and communications between spouses should be enhanced. Mercury moves into Taurus on the 23rd, turning your time and attention to insurance, taxes and jointly held investments. A good time to gather your forces and discuss your options.

Partners are inspirational in an artistic project on April 10th 2018, when Mercury sextiles Neptune. The 11th is a good day for socializing with friends and associates when Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Mercury trine Pluto on the 14th can bring positive results in heart to heart talks with partners. The 18th is a pleasant day for recreational projects and exploring with the kids. Lovers communicate well under a sparkling Mercury/Uranus sextile.

Romance blooms in unexpected situations and places. On the 25th, Mercury square Neptune, warns you to be cautious of financial matters. Gambling of any kind is out of the question.

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