Pisces April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The highlight for April 2018, for Pisces, is on finances and personal income as the Sun transits through your solar Second House until moving on to Taurus, joining Mercury there on the 23rd, and your solar Third House of communication and education on the 19th.

Moon square Sun, on the 1st, not a good day for loans, or financial matters. Watch injudicious use of a credit card. The trine between Sun and Pluto on the 4th can bring a plum assignment or a more autonomous position your way. The 2nd and April 16th 2018 are more problematic when Moon squares Sun.

Your own needs may conflict with family and home needs, disagreements with friends can force you to reevaluate your goals. The Full Moon, on the 8th, shines the spotlight on your solar Eighth House of shared resources and partnership finances. Sexual activity gets an added bonus as well. The 13th would be a good day to promote some progressive and innovate changes at work when Sun sextiles Uranus.
pisces april 2018 horoscope
The 14th, Sun trine Mars, can give you the energy boost necessary to shine and get noticed. Your intensity and focus can pay off in a financial incentive. Moon square Sun on the 15th, urges you to keep your cool when a creative project may need revising.

Some one who doesn’t get it, is at least trying. Very trying. April’s New Moon, on the 23rd, falls in your solar Third House putting the emphasis on communication, local travel and writing. Public speaking is favored and your point will be well taken. Sun square Neptune on April 28th 2018, advice is best taken with a grain of salt, contacts are unreliable tonight.

Mercury starts out the month in Pisces and your solar First House, putting the spotlight on you and your personality and agenda, before moving into Aries and your solar Second house of values, finances and personal income.

After the 23rd, Mercury enters Taurus enhancing your communicative ability and increasing time spent in short trips and neighborhood endeavors. The 5th, when Mercury sextiles Saturn, would be an excellent time to communicate and promote your own agenda. A confidential tip can enhance your finances on the 10th, when Mercury sextiles Neptune. Shopping is favored. Work conditions reach a pleasant meeting of the minds, when Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 11th.

The 14th brings a pleasant turn of events, financially and professionally, when Mercury trines Pluto. Financial gains are likely on the 18th, when Mercury sextiles Uranus, a talk may uncover some clever and creative ways to enhance your income. Mercury square Neptune on the 25th, is a good time for quiet time at home. Ignore rumors, there is no credibility to the tales you hear.

Venus spends the month in Aries and your Second House. A good time to use your wiles and charisma to favorably enhance your finances and personal income. A valuable financial opportunity that had fallen flat can now be resurrected once Venus returns to direct motion, after the 20th.

When Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 1st, chances are good about a positive outcome concerning a loan or mortgage, just in time to redecorate and beautify your lovely abode. The Greater Benefic favors dealings with real estate and domestic matters on the 5th, when Jupiter trines Neptune, allowing you to bring artistic beauty into your home.

A financial matter may be emotionally draining on the 8th, when Moon opposes Venus. Moon conjoins Venus on the 20th, higher ups are agreeable to your suggestions and ideas now.

Mars spends the month in Sagittarius and your solar Tenth house of profession and career, breathing new life and energy into some new and on-going business projects, presenting a good time to start or launch a new business plan.

Moon square Mars on the 6th, your business hunch may be worth playing today. The 10th would be another day to give your intuition a creative nudge when Mars sextiles Uranus. Be cautious on the 12th, when Moon conjuncts Mars, and your abrupt and callous manner could offend business associates. Moon opposing Mars on the 27th, demands persuasive tactics when dealing with close ties.

Saturn enters Gemini, your Fourth House, on the 20th. You may begin to be concerned about your family’s security and worry more about their safety. Home is safe, but maybe a little dull.