Sagittarius April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Hey Sagittarius ! The Sun, occupies your solar Fifth House, where it is “at home”. Romance, entertainment, sports and games and just general fun could be on tap for Scorpios in the first half of this month. After the 19th, the Sun moves on to Taurus, where it joins Mercury on April 23rd 2018, and your solar Sixth House of work, health and daily habits.

Moon square Sun on the 1st, a productive day, but there could be disagreements with friends over finances. Ego needs and your determination to advance your own agenda can be enhanced on the 4th when Sun trines Pluto, although a change in future goals can work out for the better. Full Moon on the 8th, in your solar Eleventh House, brings the focus on socializing, group activities and meetings with friends. Political spotlight heats up.

If out on a short trip around the community, you could be in for a pleasant surprise when Sun sextiles Uranus on the 13th. Creatvie and artistic projects that require physical stamina are favored on the 14th, when Sun trines Mars. An exciting romantic opportunity may be to your advantage.

Moon square Sun on the 15th, joint funds can be contentious between group associates. The New Moon, on the 23rd, in your solar Sixth House, puts the spotlight on jobs, career and daily habits.

This would be a great time to start a new cycle of self improvement and to launch a new job related project. Sun square Neptune on the 28th, don’t believe rumors or products of the gossip mill.

Mercury begins April 2018 in Pisces and your solar Fourth House of home, family, and domestic conditions, moving onto Aries, and your solar Fifth House of love and romance, promising to put the sizzle back in your love life.

On the 23rd, Mercury enters Taurus and your solar Sixth House of work and health. Conversations and communications on the job are more lively and stimulating. Some may learn new job skills to enhance their resume’.

Your ability to tackle workloads, be mentally prepared and organized is enhanced on the 5th, when Mercury sextiles Saturn. On the 10th, when Mercury sextiles Neptune, your communicative ability is stimulating and inspiring.

A few beneficial aspects involving Mercury will be heartily welcome, as the sextile between Mercury and Jupiter on the 11th, travel with friends is going to be fun and adventuresome. The 14th brings organizational and planning talents into focus on a creative project, when Mercury trines Pluto The 18th is a good time to make some fun purchases for the home when Mercury sextiles Uranus.

Maybe some electronic equipment or a computer? A call or visit with friends is uplifting and stimulating. Don’t get too spaced out on the 25th, Mercury square Neptune, can lead to fuzzy, muddled thinking.

Venus, the planet of love, begins the month in Aries and your solar Fifth House of love and romantic interests. Your romantic encounters can increase and bloom this month. Children and creative projects are also favored.

Venus assuming direct motion, on the 20th, after retrograding for the past month can see some artistic projects in full bloom again. Time spent with children, or in recreational pursuit, is back on track now. Couples enjoy a sparkling time out and social activities; friends are faithful and devoted when Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 1st. The 5th is a good day for advancing personal and professional alliances when Jupiter trines Neptune, enhancing spiritual awareness.

Moon opposing Venus on the 8th, mates are sensitive and irritable, tell ‘um to stop whining. Moon conjunct Venus on the 20th, your ideas are flowing and your presentation is heightened by your enhanced charm.

With Mars, in Sagittarius and in your solar First House for the month, the emphasis will be on you, your goals and what you want to accomplish at this point in time. This would be a good time to promote yourself and push your own agenda, since you’ll have energy to spare. Moon square Mars on the 6th, it’s a good idea to avoid confrontation with superiors.

If you need to pick a favorable day for good first impressions, you can’t beat the 10th when Mars sextile Uranus helps you turn on the charisma. Your charisma is highly charged along with your positive self-image when Moon conjoins Mars on the 12th.

When Moon opposite Mars on the 27th, partners are resistant and unmoving, cooperation isn’t likely. Saturn entering Gemini, and your solar Seventh, demands that you put some hard work and discipline into your relationships over the next two years. Despite that, you may decide it isn’t worth it.

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