Scorpio April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun will occupy your solar Sixth House putting the spotlight on work and physical health, and daily routines until the 19th, when the Sun moves into Taurus, joining Mercury on April 23rd 2018 and your solar Seventh House with the emphasis on close and intimate partnerships.

Moon square Sun, on the 1st, would be a good time to direct your energy into career developments. Research schools for financial aid and programs that meet your needs. The April 4th 2018 could see a dynamic job offer or a valuable promotion, when Sun trines Pluto.

The Full Moon on the 8th, in your solar Twelfth House, puts the spotlight on your need for solitude and privacy. The 13th would be an opportune day to buy items that enhance the home, when Sun sextiles Uranus. Shopping for electronics is favored.

Easy come, easy go could be your motto on the 14th, when Sun trines Mars. Work pays off in a handsome cash reward, but it could disappear just as easily. Moon square Sun, on the 15th, would be a good time to direct your energy into career developments. Research schools for financial aid and programs that meet your needs.

The New Moon, on the 23rd, enhances partnership endeavors. A new project launched now has public appeal. Sun square Neptune on the 28th, warns you to be on your toes for hidden factors. Not a good day to sign leases, or to accept bids for home repairs. It’s possible a washing machine, dishwasher or bathtub could overflow.

Mars is in Sagittarius, and your solar Second House of finances and personal income, invigorating and energizing your ambitions and acquisition of your earning potential for the month. On the 6th, Moon square Mars, socializing is fun and your dance card is full, but don’t go hogwild with out some financial restraint. The 10th would be a good day to tackle home improvement projects, when Mars sextiles Uranus; a friend may come up with some odd, but appealing tips.

Spending and emotions are a volatile mixture, as you’ll discover, when Moon conjoins Mars on the 12th. Friends and money don’t make a pleasant combination on the 27th, when Moon opposes Mars. Shared resources and financial investments will need close attention, with disciplined spending uppermost in mind, as Saturn enters Gemini, and your solar Eighth House on the 20th. Credit spending and loans taken out now are likely to be an enormous burdern.

Venus starts out April 2018 in Aries, your co-ruler, and your solar Sixth House. Your health will be generally good, with job matters proceeding harmoniously. An office romance that has stalled or an exercise routine that lost its appeal can be revived after the 20th, when Venus returns to direct motion once again. You can find a diamond in the rough, if frequenting garage sales on the 1st, when Venus sextiles Jupiter.

Good days to promote your ideas for advancing plans dealing with shared resources would be the 5th, featuring a Jupiter/Neptune trine, a golden investment opportunity, maybe in real estate, looks lucrative. The 8th, when Moon opposes Venus, you may feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled with your present job, a change may be in order. Moon conjunct Venus on the 20th, is a good day to shop for luxury items, especially jewelry.

Mercury starts out the month of April in Pisces and your solar Fifth House of romance, children, artistic and creative projects. On the 6th the pace picks up as Mercury moves into Aries, and your solar sixth House of work, health and daily habits.

After the 23rd, the speedy little planet moves on to Taurus and your solar Seventh of partners, increasing communications with partners and public concerns. Domestic partners can easily reach a mutual meeting of the minds when Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 5th. The sextile between Mercury and Neptune, on the 10th, will provide the opportunity for you to advance some innovative and creative changes on the job scene.

The 11th, when Mercury sextiles Jupiter, can bring a confidential tip that could advance your career status. The 14th would be an excellent time to submit job resumes when Mercury trines Pluto, your speech and expressions will be subtle and accurate.

Getting to the heart of the matter, concerning family members, will go more smoothly when Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 18th. New and innovative technology may come to your job or home business and make your life so much easier. On the 25th, Mercury square Neptune can signal trouble if you aren’t clear about your intentions. Steer clear of confusing messages.

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