Taurus April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

With the Sun in your solar Twelfth House until the 19th, you may be developing your own sense of inner resourcefulness. In order to wind up some unfinished projects you may need some private time in seclusion and solitude.

After the 19th, the Sun crosses your Ascendant, joining Mercury on April 23rd 2018. The spotlight will be on you, your goals and achievements. Watch legalities and avoid long-term contracts or agreements on the 1st, when Moon squares Sun.

If any expansive building and home improvement projects are looming on your agenda, the 4th, good be a good day to secure mortgage or home repair loans, when Sun trines Pluto. The Full Moon, on the 8th, puts the emphasis on work, health and daily habits. Some of you may change jobs and strike off in a new direction. A business contact can have some very offbeat or unusual ideas, that just might be worth a try, when Sun sextiles Uranus on the 13th.
taurus 2018 horoscope
On April 14th 2018, when Sun trines Mars, may bring the knock of opportunity over a confidential financial tip. You can benefit from a special gift. Moon square Sun on the 15th can see partners in conflict, with the usual misunderstandings. The New Moon, on the 23rd, in your solar First House, spotlights you and your personal goals and achievements.

A good time to initiate new projects and plans. When Sun squares Neptune on the 28th, take care an underhanded or devious scheme doesn’t sully your reputation.

Venus, your ruler, continues the month in Aries and your solar Twelfth House, putting the spotlight on quiet and cozy times with a romantic partner. Your ruling planet will return to direct motion on the 20th, and your energy and vitality picks up, along with your romantic agenda.

If looking to deal with real estate agents, bankers or insurance agents schedule such matters on the 1st, when Venus sextiles Jupiter. The 5th affords you a rare opportunity to see your vision and make your dreams come true when Jupiter joins Neptune in a beneficial trine. Moon opposes Venus on the 8th, feelings are touchy and a sensitive individual needs special care.

Moon conjunct Venus on the 20th, financial gains and progress is a given.

Mars continues to occupy Sagittarius and your solar Eighth House where your energy will focus on shared resources, mortgages, banking, insurance and tax matters. You may be, reluctantly, in the market for a loan, especially in regards to soaring college tuition costs on the 6th, when Moon squares Mars. The sextile between Mars and Uranus, on the 10th, encourages your visions, which may result in a monetary increase.

Moon conjunct Mars, on April 12th 2018, would be a good opportunity to expand and discuss family resources. On the 27th, Moon opposing Mars cautions not to go overboard in the spending. Disagreements over a nest egg, or investments are likely. The Ingress of Saturn into Gemini, and your solar Second House, will be teaching you some valuable lessons about financial restraint and discipline over the next two years.

Mercury starts out the month in Pisces, and your solar Eleventh House of group associations, friendships, goals and aspirations. On the 6th Mercury moves into Aries and your solar Twelfth House, a time of more comptemplation and introspection.

After the 23rd, Mercury crosses your solar Ascendant, entering your sign making you more talkative and sociable; a good time to pursue personal plans. The 5th strengthens organizational ability and mental skills when Mercury sextiles Saturn, friendships can be solidified. Wise use of time in research could help you decide which of your many options is the most appealing and workable, particularly on the 8th, when Mercury conjuncts Venus. An associate sends a message that stimulates your imagination, when Mercury sextiles Neptune on the10th.

The 11th is nice with a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. Job interviews and contract negotiations go more smoothly now, putting you in a more confident, favorable light. Talk and communications are pleasantly intriguing when Mercury trines Pluto, on the 14th. You may be instrumental in getting office procedures modernized when Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 18th.

On April 25th 2018, the square between Mercury and Neptune can be deceptive, watch business dealings, and social climbing.

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