Virgo April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun occupies your solar Eighth House of shared financial resources, investments, credit and managing others money and security, until the 19th. After that the Sun moves into your sister Earth sign, Taurus, where it joins Mercury on the 23rd in your solar Ninth House, where the emphasis shifts to travel, publishing, legal concerns, educational and religious pursuits.

Moon square Sun on April 1st 2018, dating and romantic encounters can be more costly than anticipated.

A good day for philosophical and in-depth exploration of the inner workings of your family’s psyche would be the 4th when Sun trines Pluto. The Full Moon on the 8th, in your solar Second House, puts the emphasis on your finances and earning power.

A good time to pursue and ask for that raise you know you deserve. A work project can proceed nicely on April 13th 2018, when Sun sextiles Uranus. Complete as much of your work from home, if you can. You’ll feel more innovative and creative.

If looking for funding for a home project, or innovation, the 14th is your day when Sun trines Mars. The square between Moon and Sun on the 15th can be difficult, a friend may need assistance with a loan. You, however, may be strapped yourself.

April’s New Moon is on the 23rd; in your solar Ninth House, putting the spotlight on travel, foreign matters, and religion. When Sun squares Neptune, on the 28th, someone in your immediate circle is adapt at stretching the truth. Watch your back.

The beginning of the month sees Mercury in Pisces and your Solar Seventh of marriage and close partnerships. When Mercury moves into Aries, on the 6th, would be a good time to discuss plans and concerns related to shared and joint resources.

After the 23rd, Mercury moves into Taurus and your solar Ninth House, with the focus turning to legal matters, educational concerns, travel, and distant matters. A legal matter or educational situation gets a workable solution when Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 5th.

Your legendary insight and “sixth sense” can serve you well on the 10th, when Mercury sextiles Neptune. Follow your hunch concerning an investment opportunity, on the same day. The 11th would be a good travel day, also a day of exploration and intellectual stimulation when Mercury sextiles Jupiter.

The 14th would be a good day for family members to discuss their investment plans and strategy under the benefical influence of Mercury trine Pluto. On the 18th, Mercury sextile Jupiter brings a golden opportunity to advance in your career, with a choice job offer. Mercury square Neptune on the 25th, can catch you restless and unfocused.

Venus starts out the month in Aries and your solar Eighth House of shared resources and finances. A good time to pursue meetings with bankers, insurance agents and investment counselors. Your sexual activity perks up as passions ignite and romance is in bloom.

A financial project gains momentum after the 20th, when Venus assumes direct motion once again. You could find some great bargains if shopping for the home when Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 1st. The 5th would be a good time to push your professional agenda when Jupiter trine Neptune could bring a dream job assignment.

Moon opposes Venus on the 8th, , warns you to avoid extravagant spending, especially if revenge is a motive. Moon conjoins Venus on the 20th would be a good time for socializing and home entertaining.

Mars spends April in Sagittarius energizing your solar Fourth House of home and family. Home improvement and domestic projects can be the focus of your zest and energy. Moon and Mars in a square, on the 6th, enhances romantic passion. Co-workers and associates seem more exciting and invigorating when Mars sextiles Uranus on the 10th.

The 12th, Moon conjunct Mars, you would be wise to use some physical outlet to ease the smoldering, pent up emotions. Maybe some Spring cleaning? On the 27th, a work project you have implemented can be enhanced if you follow your hunch, when Moon sopposes Mars.

Saturn moves into Gemini, and your solar Tenth House, on the 20th. The next two years can see you experiencing some delays and roadblocks in your career momentum. But, usually, not without some celestial compensation at the end of the road.

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