Aries July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun occupies your solar Ninth House, until the July 21st 2018, putting the emphasis for the bulk of the month on travel, educational pursuits, publishing and legal issues. The beginning of the month starts out on a low key note.

You’ll prefer solitude and seclusion on the 3rd, when Moon squares Sun, a good day to wrap up loose ends. A legal or educational situation gains a fresh outlook and outcome on the 4th, when Sun and Pluto conjoin in your solar Ninth.

Since Aries are known for their pioneering spirit, the 6th would be a good day to initiate new projects and promote your own agenda, when Moon and Sun are in a easy, flowing aspect.

aries 2monthly horoscope july 2018

Those who are single and looking should find July 8th 2018 a good day for unexpected and happy social surprises as Sun joins Uranus in a beneficial sextile.

The Full Moon, on the 11th, in your solar Third, enhances communication and mental pursuits. You may hear from an old friend on the 15th, when Moon trines Sun. Love in the library stacks is possible, with a foreign flair.

Your financial situation requires some belt tightening and some tough decisions on the 16th, when Sun joins Saturn in a stressful inconjunct. Concentration and application isn’t easy with too many interruptions.

The 17th can bring a day when little annoyances create a sense of irritation over trifling details when Moon squares Sun. The 18th is a high energy day when you work more productively with a group or partner, and the results are pleasing.

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The Sun enters Capricorn and your solar Tenth House on the 21st. Now the spotlight shifts to your career and concerns with status. You may be more ambitious during this time and more concerned with your public image.

The New Moon, on the 25th, in your solar Tenth House, highlights new business endeavors and careeer starts. Meetings with superiors are productive and insightful, when Sun conjuncts Mercury on the same day.

Mars, your ruler, spends the majority of July 2018 in your solar Seventh House, complimenting your considerable force and energy to significant and committed partnerships.

Mars enjoys many fortunate and optimistic aspects this month, which may prompt many of you to discuss marriage plans. If that is not a given, your work with a partner or group will be advantageous and productive.

The 1st is a wonderful day for social gatherings with close friends when Moon trines Mars. The goodwill and optimism continue, on the 2nd, with another advantageous trine, this time between Mars and Uranus.

Your projects will develop better with a group or community spirit, instead of your own solitary input. Some may be touchy and impatient on the evening of the 6th, when Moon opposes Mars. The 11th, when Moon trine Mars, is another productive day for collaborative projects. Strike while the iron is sizzling. Your happy love nest could see some conflicts on the 13th, when Moon squares Mars.

A good day to choose your battles. Moon conjoins Mars, in your solar Seventh, on the 20th. Couples work well together on shared projects and interests. Mars moves on to Scorpio, also a sign it rules, along with Pluto, on the 23rd.

Now your energy will focus on matters relevant to your Eighth House of shared and joint finances, support from others, and YES!…sexual activity. Look for things in that arena to heat up considerably on the 27th, when Moon joins Mars in a challenging square.

Ignore a friend who is out of sorts. The 30th ends the month on a high note when Moon trines Mars. Your charisma and appeal is highlighted. Make the most of this rare time of personal appeal.

aries july 2018 horoscope

Mercury, back in direct motion, since last month, will be zipping right along moving into your solar Ninth House on the 3rd, when you make plans and engage in discussion over a legal or publishing issue.

Educational pursuits are highlighted as well as travel. Verbal conflicts over money and values arise on the 1st, when Mercury opposes Saturn. Your ambitions may be stonewalled by a shortage of financial backing.

The pessimism continues on July 2nd, when Moon joins in with a square aspect. Not a good day to mix money and friends, the conflict can lead to heated arguments and misunderstandings. Good news from a distance could enhance a pet project or personal endeavor, when Moon trines Mercury on the 5th. An associate sends a message that stimulates your imagination, when Mercury sextiles Neptune on the 6th.

Travel plans may take on a life of their own when Mercury opposes Jupiter, also on the 6th. It would be impossible to include every stop and every visit on your itinerary. Arguments may ensue over a difference of opinion, perhaps with your in-laws, or a person from another culture on the 10th, when Moon opposing Mercury can highlight sensitive emotions.

Mercury conjoins powerhouse Pluto, on the 12th, prompting you towards research and study. Your psychological insight is sharp today. Communications are enhanced, if a bit dramatic.

Your point is well taken on the 15th, when Moon trines Mercury. Meanwhile, on the same day, Mercury sextiles Uranus, bringing advantageous changes surrounding educational, travel, publishing and legal matters. Expect the unexpected.

The 17th can see irritations arise over a fussy and overly critical attitude when Moon squares Mercury. Mercury moves into Capricorn and your solar Tenth House on the 22nd, enhancing dealings and meetings with superiors.

Mercury here indicates this would be a good time to send out resumes. Meetings and interviews are highlighted as Mercury’s emphasis on communication is positively enhanced when Moon conjoins Mercury on the 25th. A good heart to heart can clear the air.

After the first week, Venus moves into Aquarius and your solar Eleventh House of friends, group associations and your highest goals and ideals. On the 4th, with Venus still in your solar Tenth House, highlighting your career and business aspirations, in a productive trine with Saturn, your status and position are favorably enhanced. Business projects are given a boost up.

Watch a tendency to gloat and be too ambitious, which can disrupt harmonious conditions on July 7th, when Moon squares Venus. The 9th sees a more agreeable atmosphere when your communicative abilities are favored when Moon and Venus unite in a helpful trine. Jupiter and Neptune are also in a happy trine, that same day. Favorably highlighting your social life.

Romance reaches new and inspirational heights. The 11th, in addition to being a Full Moon day, also brings pleasant moments for social and romantic pursuits, when Venus trines Jupiter. Your lovelife gets a nice shot in the arm.

Friends are loving and helpful on the 12th, when Venus and Neptune unite. Your creative and recreational interests can provide you with a much needed escape valve on the 14th, when Moon opposes Venus.

The 19th is an excellent day for socializing with loving partners and staunch friends, as Moon joins Venus in a favorable trine aspect. Venus sextile Pluto, also on the 19th, favors dealings with groups and associates, and gives romance a happy leg up.

Your charisma and charm is intensified. July 21st 2018, when Moon squares Venus, could see credit and spending get out of control. Use cautionary discretion. Some may find a magnetic and captivating love interest on the the 24th, when Venus conjuncts Uranus.

Although the encounter can be stimulating, don’t expect it to have much staying power. The 29th can see a real emotional wake up call as Venus square Saturn can prompt you to tighten the purse strings, spending only on practical and durable necessities. Later tonight social gatherings are emotionally enjoyable.

Jupiter in Gemini continues its transit through your solar Third House. Dealings with neighbors are favored as is educational pursuits, and short trips are highlighted. Saturn retrograde in your solar Second House warns you to be judicious in spending, finances may need a strict overhaul.

Uranus and Neptune in your solar Eleventh continue to bring associations and friendships that are both nerve-racking and inspirational. Meanwhile Pluto in your solar Ninth House continues to regenerate your ability to convert popular opinion to your point of view.