Cancer July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The highlight for the July 2018, for Cancers, is on finances and personal income as the Sun transits through your solar Second House until moving on to Virgo, and your solar Third House of communication, education and travel on July 22nd.

The Full Moon, on the 4th, shines the spotlight on your solar Eighth House of shared resources and partnership finances. Sexual activity gets an added bonus as well. Good news about a better, more meaningful job could come your way on the 4th, when Sun trines Pluto.

cancer horoscope for july 2018

The Sun/Mars trine on July 10th encourages forward momentum with work related projects. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious. The 15th can bring volatility and instability to shared financial resources, causing you to lock horns with a business ally, when Sun opposes Uranus.

The New Moon on the 19th, in your solar Second House, puts the emphasis on new financial endeavors and economic ventures. You may devise a new, and more comfortable, personal financial plan.

2019 horoscope for love, work and money for Cancer

Venus begins the 1st of the month in Cancer, and your solar First House enhancing your charm and charisma, before moving on to Leo, and your solar Second House of finances, and personal values on July 27th.

Mark the 5th, when Venus and Jupiter are in a glowing conjunction right in your sign. You’ll have that rare combination of luck and harmony.

Mars is in Sagittarius, and your solar Sixth House, for July 2018, giving you more ambition and energy to tackle work projects. Health should be robust and you can enjoy an up turn in your physical stamina.

The 23rd tells you to play a lucky hunch when Mars sextiles Jupiter. Mysterious and covert Pluto goes direct on the 23rd. Health and job matters pick up momentum now. You’ll be less caught up in on the job powerplays.

Mercury, begins August in Leo, and your solar Second House, with the spotlight shifting to income, personal finances and values. Mercury starts its sojourn through Virgo after the 14th.

During that time Mercury’s occupation of your solar Third house will be marked by communication issues with siblings, neighbors and those in your local environment.

cancer 2018 july horoscope

Watch the 2nd when a financial condition can abruptly dissolve as Mercury opposes Neptune. July 7th would be an excellent time to submit job resumes when Mercury trines Mars. The 10th brings disruptions and dealings with eccentric and unreliable individuals when Mercury opposes Uranus.

The 18th would be a good travel day, also a day of exploration and intellectual stimulation when Mercury sextiles Jupiter. The 20th can be trying when Mercury squares Pluto, making us doubtful of others motives and conditions.

A friend may be the cause of some worry and disappointment when Mercury squares Saturn on the 21st. You may feel like avoiding the social scene on the same day.