Gemini July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Geminis will find the focus for the month to be on neighborhoods, local travel, education, and communications as the Sun occupies your solar Third House until the July 22nd 2018.

After that, the spotlight shifts to domestic and family concerns as the Sun enters Virgo, and your solar Fourth house. The Full Moon, on July 4th, focuses your attention on education, travel, religion, legal matters, publishing and in-laws.

gemini July 2018 horoscope

Situations involving those matters will be highlighted in the next two weeks. Deeper and more meaningful understanding with domestic partners can be reached on July 4th, when Sun trines Pluto. Willpower and resourcefulness increase.

The trine between Sun and Mars, on the 10th, could bring you the energy and drive necessary to achieve your goals. Partners and socializing blend well. The need for independence and self-expression can lead to rebellious and erratic behavior characteristic of Sun opposite Uranus on the 15th.

The July New Moon, on the 19th falls in your solar Third House putting the emphasis on communication, local travel and writing.

Mercury, your ruler, begins the month in Leo, and your solar Third House, highlighting communications, education and local travel. Mercury occupies your solar Fourth House after the 14th. Your thoughts and ideas will center around the home and family nucleus for the bulk of the month.

This is a good period for family discussions and to open the lines of communication among loved ones. Watch the 2nd when associates, at a distance, could be deceptive and untruthful when Mercury opposes Neptune.

Mercury trine Mars, on the 7th, can bring positive results in heart to heart talks with partners. Erratic and impulsive speech can be hard to deal with on the 10th when Mercury opposes Uranus.

July 18th, when Mercury sextiles Jupiter, can enhance your orator skills, bringing you an opportunity to boost a creative project. On the 20th, watch mental manipulation and power plays when Mercury square Pluto, can give double meaning to a clever phrase.

Expect some frustrating setbacks on the 21st, but don’t let it get you down when Mercury squares Saturn. Check and double check your bank account balances, on the 28th, rashness can lead to mistakes when Mercury squares hasty Mars.

Venus begins the month in Cancer and your Second House. A good time to use your wiles and charisma to favorably enhance your finances and personal income. Look for the 5th, when Venus and Jupiter unite in a conjunction in loving Cancer, to be especially effective.

monthly gemini horoscope for july 2018

A raise may be in order. After July 27th 2018, Venus is in Leo, bringing you good times and good news. Neighbors could be friendly and gracious.

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Mars is still in Sagittarius; your solar Seventh House of partnership and close relationships, for the month, prompting you to devote energy and attention to your personal and significant partnerships.

The 23rd, when Mars sextiles Jupiter, can enhance your oratory skills, bringing you an opportunity to boost a creative project. Slow moving Pluto turns direct in motion on the 23rd, partnership conditions are back on a more even keel.