Leo July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Working towards your personal agenda and achievements will be the center of attention for July 2018 as the Sun moves through your solar First House until the 22nd. After that the emphasis shifts to personal income, values and financial concerns when the Sun moves into Virgo, and your solar Second House.

The Full Moon, on July 4th, shines the spotlight on your solar Seventh House of partnerships, committed relationships, and public dealings. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

leo July 2018 horoscope

The 4th can bring a lucky exposure to your pet artistic and creative endeavors when Sun trines Pluto. Romantic travel is favored, on the 10th, when Sun trines Mars. Maybe a honeymoon?

Vacation plans promise fun and variety. July 15th when Sun opposes Uranus can bring upsetting and unsettling disagreements with partners. The New Moon, on the 19th, in your solar First House, spotlights you and your personal goals and achievements.

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Mercury, begins the month in Leo crossing your solar Ascendant, enlivening your more talkative and sociable personality; a good time to pursue personal plans. Mercury enters Virgo on the 14th, in your solar Second, increasing your financial awareness and acumen.

Watch the 2nd, especially when partners may be too optimistic for their, and your, own good. The 7th brings organizational and planning skills into focus on a creative project, when Mercury trines Mars. On July 10th when Mercury opposes Uranus, partners can be opinionated and stubbornly rebellious.

The 18th is a good day for socializing with friends and associates when Mercury sextiles Jupiter. The 20th is stressful as Mercury meets the challenge of a square involving Pluto. It would be wise to slow down and make sure you read and understand all the fine print.

Demands from lovers or children can see your energy scattered with squabbles and dissention. A vexing condition with a partner, or in business, can give you cause for concern when Mercury squares Saturn on the 21st. The 28th can see mental squirmishes over domestic issues come to a boil when Mercury squares Mars.

Venus, starts the month in Cancer, and your solar Twelfth House, putting the spotlight on quiet and cozy times with a romantic partner. The conjunction between Venus and Jupiter, on the 5th, enhances all romantic and close relationships.

july horoscope 2018 for leo

Take advantage. On July 27th, Venus crosses your Ascendant putting the spotlight on you, your charms and enhancing your affectionate nature.

Mars spends the month in Sagittarius and your solar Fifth House, giving ambitious energy to tackle creative projects, romance and sports activities. Mars and Jupiter, giving ample opportunity for interaction with friends, a favor can be repaid in kind now.

With Pluto in direct motion, as of the 23rd, in your solar Fifth house, can bring a serious and compelling romance into your life.