Libra July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

As the Sun travels through your solar Eleventh House, the spotlight for Libra this month will be on friends, groups associations, achieving your highest aims and social and humanitarian interactions.

On July 22nd 2018, the Sun moves into Virgo, and your solar Twelfth House, when the pace will slow down, and you become more introspective and prize your privacy and seclusion.

With the Full Moon, on July 4th, the emphasis will be on fun, love, romance, children and creative activities. Property matters may be a concern, with some of you buying and selling.

libra july 2018 horoscope

The 4th, when Sun trines Pluto can advance your speaking and writing skills, a good time to address a group with like concerns. Hot romantic prospects turn the tables, in a positive way, when Sun joins Mars in a stimulating trine on the 10th.

July 15th, when Sun opposes Uranus, can bring a need to throw off chains of conformity and to strike out in a new direction. The New Moon, on the 19th, in your Solar Eleventh, puts the focus on friends, group associations and your personal goals.

Venus, your ruling planet, starts August in Cancer, and your solar Tenth House of profession, career and ambition. Advancing your career and making solid professional gains is the order of business.

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You may be the lucky recipient of an honor or recognition, for a job well done, on July 5th, when Venus and Jupiter unite in a conjunction. After the 27th, Venus moves into Leo, and your solar Eleventh House. Friends and socializing are fun and rewarding now.

Mars will be in Sagittarius and your solar Third House, for the month of July, giving you more energy and zeal for local travel, neighborhood projects, short trips and communication concerns.

The Mars/Jupiter sextile on the 23rd can bring out your leadership potential in a philosophical matter. Pluto turns direct on the 23rd, accenting local travel and educaiton. Your communicative ability is more powerful now.

Mercury starts out the month of August, in Leo, and your solar Eleventh House increasing your social quotient and time spend with friends. A good time to broaden your mental interests.

Mercury in your solar Twelfth , on July 14th, heightening your mental concentration and a good time to catch up on correspondence, do some reading and maybe some writings as well Watch for deception and being suckered into a loved one’s word games on the 2nd, when Mercury opposes Neptune.

The 7th, Mercury trines Mars. Associates can give you a great suggestion giving the green light to communication projects and endeavors. Watch for unsettling and provocative conditions to be unearthed when Mercury opposes Uranus on the 10th.

A few beneficial aspects involving Mercury will be heartily welcome, as the sextile between Mercury and Jupiter on the 18th, travel with friends is going to be fun and adventuresome.

The 20th, Mercury square Pluto would be a good time to take advantage of your need to ferret out and dig up hard to define information. Children or lovers can be demanding and unappreciative on the 21st, when Mercury squares hard driving Saturn.

You and a loved one could have a severe communication breech, possibly over work conflicts when Mercury clashes with powder keg Mars on the 28th.