Pisces July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun will occupy your solar Sixth House putting the spotlight on work and physical health, and daily routines until July 22nd 2018, when the Sun moves into Virgo, and your solar Seventh House with the emphasis on close and intimate partnerships.

The Full Moon on the 4th, in your solar Twelfth House, puts the spotlight on your need for solitude and privacy. The trine between Sun and Pluto on the 4th, can bring a plum assignment or a more autonomous position your way.

pisces july 2018 horoscope

The 10th, Sun trine Mars, can give you the energy boost necessary to shine and get noticed. Your intensity and focus can pay off in a financial incentive. The 15th can take its toll on your health as unsettling conditions cause upsets in work routines, when Sun opposes Uranus.

The New Moon, on July 19th 2018, in your solar Sixth House, puts the spotlight on jobs, career and daily habits. This would be a great time to start a new cycle of self improvement and to launch a new job related project.

Mercury starts out August in Leo, and your solar Sixth House of work and health. Conversations and communications on the job are more lively and stimulating. Some may learn new job skills to enhance their resume’.

The 14th, when Mercury moves on to your solar Seventh, committed partnerships will be uppermost on your mind. The 2nd, however, takes some finesse, when Mercury opposes Neptune, a secret, behind the scenes deal may be used to your detriment. Don’t accept anything on face value, especially when signing documents and contracts.

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The 7th can be promising when Mercury trines Mars and higher-up’s see what you know and what you can do, and are favorably impressed. Mercury opposing Uranus, on the 10th, warns you to avoid hasty conclusions, but don’t be in such a hurry that you overlook some important details.

Especially in reading and signing documents.

July 18th is better with a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. Job interviews and contract negotiations go more smoothly now, putting you in a more confident, favorable light.

The 20th sees a square to Pluto, bringing a conflict in communications between influential individuals interested in furthering your career, and your promise of a tranquil domestic situation. Not an easy choice.

Tact and diplomacy is the order of the day, when Mercury squares Mars on the 21st. You may receive jarring and upsetting news. Take the time to study and research a philosophical issue that may be contentious when Mercury and Mars are locked in a contentious square on the 28th.

Venus, the planet of love, begins the month in Cancer, and your solar Fifth House of love and romantic interests. Your romantic encounters can increase and bloom this month. Circle the 5th as a golden day for good times when Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction. Children and creative projects are also favored. After the 27th, Venus moves into Leo, and your solar Sixth House. A work related project should proceed smoothly. A good time to join a gym with friends.

Mars spends the month in Sagittarius and your solar Tenth house of profession and career, breathing new life and energy into some new and on-going business projects, presenting a good time to start or launch a new business plan. The 23rd is an especially productive day when Mars sextiles Jupiter, with fortunate benefits involving family and health concerns. A job tip can be productive now. Slow moving, Pluto turns direct in motion on the 23rd. With that your career can be moved along nicely by a powerful, but manipulative professional.