Sagittarius July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The month of July 2018 starts out with the Sun in your solar Ninth House putting the emphasis on travel, publishing, legal concerns, educational and religious pursuits. After the July 22nd, the Sun moves into Virgo, and your solar Tenth House of career and profession, with the spotlight shifting to work and business concerns.

The Full Moon, on the 4th, highlights neighborhood get-togethers, local travel, communication and education. Ego needs and your determination to advance your own agenda can be enhanced on the 4th, when Sun trines Pluto, although a change in future goals can work out for the better.

sagitarius July 2018 horoscope

Creative and artistic projects that require physical stamina are favored on the 10th, when Sun trines Mars.

An exciting romantic opportunity may be to your advantage. Differences of opinion and a philosophical locking of horns can occur on the 15th when Sun opposes Uranus. The July New Moon, on July 19th, lands in your solar Ninth House, putting the spotlight on travel, foreign matters, and religion.

Mercury starts July 2018 in Leo, and your solar Ninth House, with the focus turning to legal matters, educational concerns, travel, and distant matters. After the 14th, Mercury moves on to your solar Tenth and business meetings, project ideas and thoughts of the direction your career is making can occupy your time and focus.

Watch the 2nd, when someone wants you to accept what they tell you as gospel without reading the fine print. Don’t do it. The 7th is more productive when Mercury joins Mars in a beneficial trine. A good time for a talk that bares the soul.

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Mercury encounters some difficult aspects this month among the more challenging would be the 10th when Mercury opposes Uranus when someone’s indecision and inability to focus can be nerve-racking.

The 18th is great for travel plans and new romance for singles, those in a committed relationship can reach greater understanding when Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Mercury square Pluto, on July 20th, when getting the real story out of an associate is like pulling very deep teeth.

Mercury square Saturn, on the 21st, taxes your patience. Work seems dull and uninspiring, but you can persevere. The square between Mercury and Mars, on the 28th can stimulate and encourage new ideas and creative thoughts.

But, watch abrupt and impatient speech, especially with others who are not grasping your ideas as quickly as you wish.

Venus, starts out the month in Cancer, and your solar Eighth House of shared resources and finances. A good time to pursue meetings with bankers, insurance agents and investment counselors.

Mark the 5th, when Venus and Jupiter, both money planets, are united in a generous and giving conjunction. Your sexual activity perks up as passions ignite and romance is in bloom. After the 27th, Venus moves on to Leo and your solar Ninth House, enhancing travel, education and legal matters.

With Mars, in Sagittarius and in your solar First House for the month, the emphasis will be on you, your goals and what you want to accomplish at this point in time. This would be a good time to promote yourself and push your own agenda, since you’ll have energy to spare.

The 23rd promises to shape up with better intentions. Travel is lucky as well as joint ventures, when Mars sextiles Jupiter, your ruling planet. Pluto, close by, turns direct on the 23rd, accentuating your personal resources and making for a more dynamic and charismatic personality.