Taurus July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Attending to home and family matters will be high on the agenda for Bulls this month as the Sun occupies your solar Fourth House, until the  July 22nd 2018. After that it moves on to Virgo, a fellow earth sign, and your solar Fifth house of pleasurable pursuits, artistic and creative interests, romance and children. The Full Moon, on July 4th, in your solar Tenth, spotlights your career interests.

Family members can be rebellious and petulantly independent. If any long term building and home improvement projects are looming on your agenda, July 4th would be a good day to secure mortgage or home repair loans, when Sun trines Pluto.

taurus 2018 july horoscope

The 10th, when Sun trines Mars, may bring the knock of opportunity over a confidential financial tip. You can benefit from a special gift. Watch for instability to push all your buttons on July 15th 2018 when Sun opposes Uranus. The New Moon, on the 19th, puts the attention on family and domestic situations. This would be a good time to launch home repairs and decoration projects.

Venus, your ruling planet, starts out the month in Cancer, as of the 1st, and your solar Third House, bringing love and harmony to local travel, neighborhood interests and communciations. The 5th would be ideal for this.

Take advantage of a wonderful Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Your manner of presenting and carrying yourself is favorable enhanced as your persona is charming and persuasive now.

Venus moseys on into Leo, Little Buckeroo, and your Solar Fourth House, giving you amble opportunity to dig into home decorating and beautification projects. Yee-haw! Your humble abode never looked so good.

Mars will occupy Sagittarius and your solar Eighth House this month, where your energy will focus on shared resources, mortgages, banking, insurance and tax matters.

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July 23rd is good for getting a good deal on home furnishing when Mars sextiles Jupiter. Pluto direct on the 23rd enhances economic growth. Spend that buck seventy nine rebate check. Stimulate the economy!

Mercury begins the month in Leo, and your solar Fourth House of home and family turning your thoughts to their security and happiness. Mercury, your ruler, occupies your solar Fifth house, after the 14th, when love can flourish and romance is on your mind and uppermost in your thoughts.

july monthly horoscope for taurus

Some adverse aspects crop up especially on the 2nd when Mercury opposes Neptune, don’t fall for a sob story, what you hear isn’t entirely true or believable. The 7th would be a good day for family members to discuss their investment plans and strategy under the benefical influence of Mercury trine Mars. On the 10th, Mercury opposes Uranus, rash impulsive outbursts can be costly.

July 18th is fine for getting a good deal on home furnishing when Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Mercury square Pluto, on the 20th, and you’ll get no measure of cooperation from those around you who would be sulky and resistant.

Look for some restrictions and stone-walling in your forward momentum when Mercury and Saturn lock in a frustrating square on the 21st. A co-worker, or boss, may be aggravatingly slow on the uptake now. July  28th 2018, when Mercury squares Mars, can be testy and irritating, with likely temperamental displays. Work related travel is annoying and unproductive.