Virgo July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

With the Sun in your solar Twelfth House until July 22nd 2018, you may be developing your own sense of inner resourcefulness. In order to wind up some unfinished projects you may need some private time in seclusion and solitude.

After the 22nd, the Sun crosses your Ascendant, entering Virgo when the spotlight will be on you, your goals and achievements. The Full Moon, on the 4th, puts the emphasis on work, health and daily habits.

virgo july 2018 forecast

A good day for philosophical and in-depth exploration of the inner workings of your family’s psyche would be July 4th, when Sun trines Pluto. If looking for funding for a home project, or innovation, the 10th is your day when Sun trines Mars.

The 15th can bring upsetting developments in work conditions, co-workers may be rebellious, when Sun opposes Uranus. The New Moon, on the 19th of July 2018, lands in your solar Twelfth House, with the highlight on introspective and private thoughts.

With speedy Mercury, your ruling planet, in Leo and your solar Twelfth House, the pace will slow down a bit and you’ll welcome a chance to catch up on your correspondence and to sort out your thoughts.

Mercury enters your solar First House on the 14th, increasing your communicative ability, giving you the impetus to sell yourself and to promote your own agenda. Watch July 2nd, when a deceptive co-worker or associate may try to blindside you under the influence of Mercury opposing Neptune.

Also watch for misdiagnosis in health matters.

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The 7th, Mercury trine Mars can see positive strides and much forward motion perceiving the real issue at hand with a formerly sulky family member. The 10th sees conflicts coming to a turbulent head as Mercury opposes Uranus.

The 18th, when Mercury sextiles Jupiter, can bring a confidential tip that could advance your career or status. Mercury squaring Pluto, on the 20th, can give rise to intense feelings of vindication or a minor slight.

Delays may spoil a work or job plan when Mercury squares Saturn on the 21st. Your impatience, and abrupt manner won’t win you any popularity contests on the 28th, when Mercury squares Mars.

Venus starts out July 2018 in Cancer, as of the 1st, and your solar Eleventh House, giving you opportunities for fun and merry socializing with friends. The 5th should see your social acumen pick up considerably with the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter.

july 2018 horoscope for virgo

After the 27th, Venus moves into Lordly Leo and your Solar Twelfth House. You’ll appreciate the peaceful solitude you seek now. Home beautification projects and pleasant entertainment plans can occupy your time during this cycle.

Mars continues in Sagittarius energizing your solar Fourth House of home and family. Home improvement and domestic projects can be the focus of your zest and energy. The 23rd, Mars sextiles Jupiter, can give your career and financial prospects a much needed shot in the arm.

Pluto is back on track, in direct motion, as of the 23rd. This is a good time to make some striking and dramatic changes around the house.