Aquarius May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Communications go well and your mind is in sharp focus until May 12th, especially if born after February 2nd and family and domestic relationships can be much harmonized through the right words at the right time.

However after May 12th  2018 you may have to think more carefully over the words that you choose, as misunderstandings are possible.

free May 2018 horoscope for aquarius

Creatively, from the 10th there are green lights all round, and all born up to February 16th have a chance and desire to indulge in some luxury. A party mood prevails. Romantic urges and opportunities are gratifying and upbeat.

Thespians among you, of which there are quite a few, being the opposite sign of the theater-ruling sign of Leo, are likely to have opportunities to display talents too.

Venus leaves your sign on the 1st and moves into Pisces which represents your solar 2nd house, inferring a need to put focus on earning and squirreling away needed dollars.

With Uranus already in that sign and house, creating some irregularities and inconsistencies in fiscal matters, this makes for a wise focus.

When Mars combines with Uranus on May 15th and 16th the unexpected in finances can be anticipated.

With Uranus, anything is possible, predicting the mood and event is foolish, but too cavalier an attitude could be unwise.

To some degree on the 18th and 19th, and obviously on the 31st, there is a pointing to poor speculative instincts, and an overspending on leisure and pleasure.

However, May 18th also points to a rather inspired period in terms of love and esthetics, especially if there is an overseas connotation.

On that note, Jupiter is continuing to encourage you all to successful and expansive travel, and to be able to exploit connections beyond your shores. It is also conferring academic talents and success.

Currently, not least benefiting from this influence, are those born January 28th to February 1st, and this good fortune hangs around for this group until mid-July, so plan with this in mind.

Neptune currently in your sign for the long haul is stationary mid-month and on the 17th degree, and indeed turns retrograde on the 19th.

Most affected are those born February 5th to 7th who are immersed in a heady mix of spiritual and creative longings, hard to grasp identity plus a strong sense of desire for a spiritual flight of fancy.

There is also a possibility of feeling like being a dissolving aspirin, disparate, diffuse, with a disintegrated identity. The heart, soul and ideals are shouting for attention now, but what to do with the mind?

Patience is needed as the old value system is disappearing and you have to realize that a new identity and destination will eventually loom out of the fog. Redemption is the name of the game in some capacity.

Note that critical days in this respect are the 8th and the 22nd.

Artists rejoice, as you are mainlining now a truly instinctive and exquisitely creative energy, and your accessing of the collective unconscious is unavoidable.

You all need to be aware that there is room this month for the possibility of others feeling that you are not available, elusive and possibly even rather economical with the truth. Only you know if this is a conscious motive or not.

If born January21st to 24th, Chiron is hovering in very rare mode over your Sun.

Wounds, old wounds, are being painfully reactivated. The buttons pressed now ultimately however allow you to further your powers of compassion for others pain.

May 29th can be an extremely intense period for romance, and for creating powerful artistic messages.