Aries May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

With the Sun in Taurus, Venus until May 10th and Mercury from the 12th in that sign, which is your solar 2nd house of finances and values, you had better focus on dollars which can be favorably highlighted.

Many of the arts can certainly go hand-in-hand, and indeed on the new Moon of May 8th financial new beginnings are happily indicated, but always check the small print and credentials of those involved as the Sun is suspiciously squaring Neptune on the same day, suggesting that all is not absolutely obvious.

Until the 12th, Mercury in your own sign of Aries asks you to put your money where your mouth is, as you have plenty to say and you are on overdrive, but it may be a little on the egocentric level rather than the realistic one.

May 2018 horoscope for aries

However, on May 7th you may have to eat your words when Saturn squares Mercury, especially if born April 10th to 15th. In fact this group are anyway under pressure from Saturn as he squares the energy from your solar 4th house.

However this is the last onslaught in a trilogy (phase one was last August/September, phase two last January/February and now finally phase three May and early June). Surely you know what the learning curve is by now.

Domestic and career pressure seems now to culminate into a situation where you can really see the way forward, having put your hand up to your part in the problem.

A new, more solid basis will carry you forward protectively in the future if you have learned your lessons well.

Jupiter remains a bright light for those born March 28th to April 1st.

This is a second blessing to you  when enlargement of horizons, inwardly and outwardly, are in the ether (possibly physically too, if there was an indulgence too far), but this a great period for earned good news and patronage, and for extra affection and relationship openings of all hues, plus overseas issues also being very much on the up.

However it is also time to keep grounded and not to let ego, arrogance or complacency get too much of a look in. That way, nemesis lies. This period lasts until mid-July, so enjoy and exploit with wisdom and modesty.

With your ruler Mars in Pisces from the 1st, there is a very strong suggestion that many of you may need a little retreat and rethink ambition, and it is time to put some things on hold.

Listen to your heart rather than your head, or your wallet. This is an excellent period for the musician, the photographer and the filmmaker. Real inspiration can come also from being near the sea.

If born April 12th to 15th you are still in a position where you can seriously empower yourself and have a very strong “mind over matte” sense. There is a great opportunity in overseas and academic issues now to be fulfilled and pursued, and spiritual growth goes hand-in-hand.

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