Cancer May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Social life and collective projects can thrive this month as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all occupy at some point your solar 11th house of friendships and collective concerns. Indeed, friends may prove truly inspiring before the 10th when Venus is in your 11th house.

If born July 13th to 18th Saturn remains hovering over your Sun in his long haul, which is rather testing.

free May 2018 horoscope for cancer

However, on the 3rd, 13th and May 25th there is notable respite as Venus, Sun and Mercury respectively all bring their help and support from Taurus, so boosting optimism, but in general for this small band of crabs, the pressure is on to learn some important lessons, face facts and to do some real work to ensure a more secure future infrastructure, not least in the area of relationships.

The great message is to let not fear, but responsibility to self and others motivate you. Also, this particular transit demands a lot of personal honesty and courage.

This, you will be glad to know, is the final month of this particular trial, completing the picture originally starting to be writ large, last August/September and January/February. Now the journey is to be fully understood and accepted.

If you have not learnt the lesson, the situation will likely repeat itself further down the line.

From the May 10th, Venus in your solar 12th house invites a little stilling of the heart, a little isolation and some reviewing of your work, and indeed, your soul. Service to others will bring rewards and there is an increased sensitivity to others’ needs, but don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

Presentation of work done will meet best success if delayed, in terms of unveiling, until around the 4th of next month.

Jupiter meanwhile is encouraging some real extravagance, over-optimism and a little false pride if born June 30th to July 3rd. Ostentation and ego needs quieting, but the good times may nevertheless roll.

Mars in Pisces this month strikes a very constructive note for all, but particularly powerfully for those born up to July 15th. Travel is energizing, learning and study is empowering and philosophical wisdom is enhanced.

Creative and emotional intelligence, rather than academic status, wins the day.

Energy put into music, film and photography is profoundly satisfying and powerful, and visionary instinct certainly rules. The picture-making facilities of the mind are sharp and rich indeed.

Uranus currently is also truly liberating the minds of those born June 30th to July 3rd anyway, but this group will find this month especially promising, most notably around the 14th to 17th when Mars connects powerfully with Uranus, to give the courage to put energy into manifesting your vision and beliefs.

Even if they are of a controversial nature, they are truly going to be awakening to others.

The Moon, your ruler, is always noted by Cancer when it is full, and even if not consciously, it permeates the soul. This orb will be new on the 8th at 18° of Taurus, auguring well for the launch of new associations, friendships and projects. That same body will be full on May 23rd in Sagittarius, which will probably mark a completing of a professional, creative cycle.