Gemini May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

With the Sun in Taurus and Mercury there from May 12th until the 28th, and Venus there until the 10th, there will be ample motivation for you perpetual motion souls to take time out to smell the roses, indulge in yoga, meditation or whatever is your soul-nurturing thing.

Inspired work can also get done in clandestine circumstances. Until the 10th particularly, romantic pursuits have a distinctly private, even illicit angle. Take care to keep plans and projects close to your chest between the 12th and 28th.

free May 2018 horoscope for Gemini

However, from the 10th when Venus moves into your own sign, he will help you shine creatively in extrovert mode, and you will also emerge with greater a personal charm, that fully blossoms and brings with it excellent sartorial taste.

Your esthetic sense will be at peak energy and indeed will get a lot of attentive focus.

However, Mars in Pisces this month sounds a warning note for all born up to June 13th. Mars will be in challenging angle to your own, and he warns of clashes in the public or professional domain. Irritation will surface.

Be restrained, avoid contentious situations and any lack of progress will demand patience, not knee-jerk angry frustration.

With Uranus also creating some left field events in career, for those born specifically May 31st to June 2nd, notably around the 15th and 16th when Mars combines with Uranus will bring disruptive events and the element of surprise, very much into the ether.

This will not be a time to disregard safety precautions in any arena of life, but if you wish to make a stir with maverick work or opinion, you have the above dates outlined for maximum impact, but do expect fallout. Also prepare for the turbulent effect emotionally around the 18th and 19th and also around the 31st,, dates when situations that occurs are in the script.

However, Jupiter remaining in Libra, as always, is going to play the cavalry, and is now also baptizing the energies of those born May 29th to June 2nd.

This will give a protective safety net for any Uranus unnerving event. Jupiter brings creative and romantic opportunities and gifts to this group also, and if this is added to a lateral streak, you could be on a winner.

Any separations during is time are also likely to work to your advantage in the long term.

Neptune is bringing a protracted gift of real inspiration and idealism for those born June 7th to 9th and this indeed is energy at play until August. Look far a field for opportunities; and real divine inspiration and academic understanding will be intuitive as much as intellectual. A new philosophy can entice and fulfill. This group of Geminis truly needs to recognize that some things are too important to leave to the head alone.

Meanwhile, if born June 13th to 17th Pluto continues to bring some very personal challenges, especially in relationships. Transformation and healing is the ultimate outcome, but it may be only earned with some initial meltdown and will inevitably involve some powerful confrontation with some profound inner and outer truths. It is important to remember that this particular journey is not complete until towards the end of 2018. Meanwhile, draw your boundaries, do not allow coercion and rise above anything that has a smell of corruption or cutting corners. However creatively, the digging that is inevitably needed will ultimately unearth some true gold and bring some huge power to your personal expression that will resonate through to people’s deep instinct.

Note well this group that around the 29th, when Venus lines up to oppose Pluto, there is likely to be a rather catalystic event, when relationships are either finally toppled or obsessive attractions are powerfully compulsive. The desire and ability to create beauty of an almost disturbing sort, is also indicated then.

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