Leo May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The spotlight is on you career-wise, and the public eye matters to you, but there are uncomfortable ramifications running alongside, maybe of a rather hidden sort.

There are indeed indications of some private “enemies” who have emerged, who seem to have their roots in your karmic past. They are hovering around you, bringing some grief that is hard to understand and rationalize. free May 2018 horoscope for leo


Blame Saturn in Cancer if you like (solar 12th house of the past). It is therefore important to handle any seeming adversaries with maturity and integrity.

You can however shine and get applause currently, but your heart has a touch of heaviness.

If born July 31st to August 4th, Jupiter is providing a safety net at worst, and at best bringing real progress and growth through extra intelligence and insight, allowing you to choose the right words at the right time to the right person, in order to accommodate and to further success.

You are also in flirtatious mood and creatively confident. Writers can certainly thrive this month.

Neptune remains a tricky energy if born August 9th to 11th. He is eclipsing clarity and truth with his promotion of Illusions, delusion and deceptions, self-induced or otherwise. Significant others are like slippery soap and hard to read.

This insecure positioning continues until August 2018 and resumes in January 2019, not to be totally finished with you until January 2020.

Positively, this energy will inspire and bring a divine discontent with the status quo, and the hunger for higher ground artistically and in relationships, will tempt many of you to follow a different path.

Beware, however, of false glamour, gurus, chimeras, mirages and don’t take anyone at face value. People are not revealing their true hand, consciously or unconsciously now.

Many a primrose path of dalliance is explored under Neptune’s influence. Equally, many truly ennobling and exquisite compositions in art, music and film are also executed under his influence, and indeed, many great sacrifices and feelings of redemptions are manifested, when he is in the ether.

Mars in Pisces this month can also act as a bit of a confusing character. Leos will need to listen to instinct in relationships, particularly around the 14th to 17th when joint finances and very private relationships issues have an element of surprise somewhat uncomfortably attached to them. There is also the temptation to overindulge in pleasures without enough resources or certainty of your situation, to justify such indulgence.

A different energy is attached to those born August 15th to 18th. Creative energy generating empowerment in the arts and positively transformational energies in romance, stoke your fires and make you an individual to be admired and noticed. Indeed a reinvention of your own spirit and powers are possible, but don’t be in too much of a hurry to demonstrate this, as you can savor this energy on and off until the end of 2018.

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