Libra May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Taurus energy this month connects and illuminates with private, intimate relationships and shared resources. It is teaching some humility when dealing with others, and helps you focus on helping others with their resources.

free May 2018 Horoscope for Libra

From May 19th when your ruler Venus moves into Gemini, there are also some happy financial and overseas stories in the air, not least on May 18th when Venus harmonizes beautifully with Jupiter, most accommodatingly in your sign.

Jupiter is indeed well-ensconced in your department of the zodiac, and currently is revisiting the energies specifically of those born October 2nd to 5th to reinforce the gifts he bestowed last November.

This is a prolonged support until mid-July, so savor and don’t rush the moment. A serious sense of personal progress is around, and links to your intellect and perception give you confidence and charisma, as well as the gift to carry off the goodies.

Those whose art is connected to communications of the written or spoken sort, fare best, but the “first class travel” aura surrounds you now, as success clings to your being.

However luck is a matter of just desserts, too, so don’t assume it is attained without previous real effort and talents.

Saturn, however, is being less than generous to those born October 14th to 19th. This is the last hit of a period that has been around since August of last year and was particularly so in September and also January of this year.

This time around, he is forcing you to dot the “i s” and cross the “Ts” in your learning curve. Work pressures, stress, strain, lack of confidence, cliff-hangers and low energy have also been part of the picture, but all in good cause.

The path you have been press-ganged into taking is now more honest and appropriate, and weak links in your chain have been or are hopefully now being mended. Remember, we are only ever as strong as the weakest link in our chain.

Mars in Pisces puts you under pressure to be visionary about your work and your working environment, and gives empathy with colleagues. However it also makes you indecisive and rather discontented with routine.

Escapism is in the air, if work is not feeding your heart and higher nature, and around the 15th and 16th you are in rebellious, revolutionary mood.

Those born October 9th to 12th are currently gifted and artistically in overdrive and romantically captivated, thanks to Neptune’s input, while those born October 16th to 19th are now able to remake their lives using incisive intelligence and an x-ray vision into the fundamental causes of outer manifestations. . . and regenerate, transform and heal accordingly. Communications, whether written or spoken, are especially powerful and transformative, also bringing benefits from the coin of this world.

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