Pisces May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Mars moves into your sign on May 1st signifying an upsurge in drive, ambition and energy, especially spiritual and creative energy. Mars passes through your sign every two years so this is your Martian moment.

Directly affected this May 2018, are all those born up to March 13th. Next month the remainder of Pisces get their Martian flavor. The urge to secure and negotiate dollars will be very strong under this influence.

free May 2018 horoscope for pisces

There is also an increased motivation to make money, especially until May 12th. The other side of the coin for Mars in your sign is aggressive instincts being underlined, of a rather indirect, subtle sort, maybe, but none the less potent for that.

The impact of this rather covert aggression could also be tangibly felt, and women feel the power of male energy more profoundly than is usually the norm at this time.

Energy put into large-scale projects, using metal particularly, is very much indicated, but whatever is your medium you are focused, determined and ambitious. There is nothing small about your actions now.

However, with Uranus also being in your sign, those born February 27th to March 2nd will find that Martian energy, especially around the 14th to 17th, can be rather explosive and disruptive.

It is definitely a time to watch your step and take great care to avoid risk and not to overdo, but the maverick in you will be alive and shouting to be heard. Others may feel you are a bit of a loose cannon, with restless, chaotic energy dominating you that veers between the genius and the crazy.

Life-changing feelings, events and decisions can be made, but remember Uranus brings reversals of decisions too.

Mental acuity abounds for you all this month under Taurus energy and communications are thick and fast. E-mails, phones, letters all dominate your life, and writers, critics and journalists certainly can thrive and get heard, but your own unconscious and the past can have the effect of making you a little paranoid on the 8th and 22nd, which may be reflected in your communications.

From the 10th much excellent creativity can be pursued at home, where true inspiration seems to flow best.

Those born March 12th to 17th have Pluto beaming down his challenging rays on you still, enticing you to stake your claim in the Sun for power and status, but over forceful ambitions will be counterproductive even destructive.

The 29th, when Venus opposes Pluto, brings a day when you can achieve much in the regeneration and redemption of a certain relationship and in terms of affections, but it could also be productive of the big goodbye to someone, but artistically you are on a very powerful winner then.