Sagittarius May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The boring infrastructure of life needs attending to. It’s about routine efficiency and detailed structure, the grounding stuff that is not your forte, but which is necessary if you are to fly and grow as you wish.

However, from May 10th, Venus working in parallel to the mundane necessities of living brings promise of romantic oases to feed your soul, and also will bring admiration from your viewing audience.

free May 2018 horoscope for sagittarius

Mars, however, is not behaving in concert with your energy this month, as he is situated in Pisces. He may strike a discordant note, particularly with all those born up to December 14th.

They will have to contend with some domestic disruption, aggression or structural hiccups, possibly of a watery (leaks, etc.) variety. Irritability rather than outright anger is the main problem and impatience will be counterproductive.

Mars combining with Uranus on the 15th and  May 16th, will manifests particularly disruptively for those born December 2nd to 4th. Domestic accidents are possible if due care and attention is not fully focused on.

The unexpected, the perverse, the rebellious and the risky are all high profile in all walks life at this time. In fact all activities should be carefully undertaken with no corners cut. Also May 18th, 19th and 31st are also quirky days, that force you to think out of your box.

Jupiter is in more benign, protective mood and smiling on those born November 30th to December 4th, as indeed he did last November.

That was a period that started this particular ball rolling and his current bite of the cherry is protracted until August, so enjoy, but don’t rush the advantage.

Overseas issues that are expansive call, as does academic success. Any goals that are group-orientated, plus friendship issues and all altruistic purposes, will flourish.

Pluto is pursuing his determination to allow you to meet your destiny.

He is trying to empower you if born December 14th to 17th and he will keep this pressure on until the end of next year, so be prepared for the long but regenerative and wonderfully emboldening power.

This will test your ability to grasp the mantle without abusing power. Your artistic work will need to reflect depth, power, insight and probably the darker vaults of the human mind and condition. You are also now in the position now to blow whistles and to expose that which needs exposition.

Around the 29th when Venus opposes Pluto in your sign, warns of manipulation in love life (your doing) and can also attract others who are mesmerized by your strength and power.

Fate is at work in cupid’s domain. The public also is totally receptive then, to the more powerful messages that you can currently display in creative work.

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