Scorpio May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Taurean energy this month connects with your solar 7th house of relationships and significant others. Accede to others’ wishes as they are probably in your best interests.

Up to May 10th Venus promises a touch of Cupid’s attention and brings patronage and praise for your creative endeavors, as they strike a pleasing chord with others. Thereafter, financial and sexual progress is on the cards.

free May horoscope 2018 for scorpio

If there are some vital communications to pursue and you want to get really heard sympathetically, choose the 1st, 12th or  May 28th to target others. Much financial success is achieved in a private, behind-doors fashion, but generosity to others now is instinctive and brings ultimate good karma (although by making that your conscious motive, you could destroy it).

Scorpios born November 8th to 11th are at risk this month of some deception. The old smoke and mirrors planet Neptune is distorting truth as presented by others and in your perception, which may be selective, at best now.

Divine discontent may motivate, but how to pursue a new path eludes you. Domestic confusion, uncertainty and fog undermine stability, but your art can be the benefactor, by default.

Note well that the 8th and 22nd are the trickiest Neptunian days of the month when the Sun and Mercury respectively, are distorted by his rays and Neptunian fog is at its most disorientating.

Mars in Pisces all month is well-disposed to your watery nature, and all born up to November 15th can benefit from his input which is both energizing and truly inspiring from the solar 5th house.

Creatively and romantically this is emboldening and gives you rarefied energy, and in Cupid’s domain the spiritual connection becomes as important to you as the sexual, and fertility is not in short supply in any capacity.

Uranus combines with Mars’ rays to bring serious excitement and revolutionary experience into the vision and lives of those born November 1st to 4th, and on the 15th and 16th you can multiply this energy in terms of sheer, unexpected adventure and wayward excitement, but there is also the temptation to play with a little fire.

The creation of successful but controversial art is really in your personal zeitgeist now.

Saturn meanwhile is creating a steady-as-you-go mood for those born November 13th to 18th, but all good investment for future success and rewards.

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