Taurus May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Your birthday month is upon you, inviting new starts, new resolutions and possibly a few more wrinkles.

With Saturn supporting your energy from Cancer, despite being a serious influence, he is also extremely constructive, and creating a situation where most of you will appreciate that some things that come with age are far more valued and far more solid. Since Taurus is a sign of deferred gratification, this will certainly resonate.

You may be feeling that youth is wasted on the young.

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Those born May 11th to 16th are extremely aware currently of the powers of Father Time and his worth and value, not just in his push towards our inevitable demise. Saturn also reminds us to respect our body and health when around.

Indeed, for those in their mid-life (50+) there is a “memento mori” feel in the air, or as some dark-minded wit said, “it’s wake up and smell the coffin” time. Not because you are facing your demise personally but the march of time is definitely on your mind.

On a more cheerful note however, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all doing their thing in Taurus this month, there is an excellent indication of extra physical charisma and charm and inspiration until the 10th and from the 12th your intellectual communication skills are sharp and gain attention.

Money and esthetics are fulfillingly combined, and when Venus opposes Pluto on the 29th there is financial power in the air, but be guarded around finances, as others are ruthless and you could be too.

On the 18th and 19th when Venus squares to Uranus, financial reversals are also possible, and on the 23rd when Venus squares Mars, rash spontaneous spending encouraged by friends and an extrovert social life, can later be regretted.

Mars in Pisces pushes energy into group projects in the arts and humanitarian pursuits, and the current supportive energy of Mars in Pisces certainly sensitizes your mind and spirit, especially if born up to May 13th.

Indeed, this group will get an extra input of psychic and intuitive energy to back up their creative work. Friends will also give valuable insight to you, not least on the 15th and 16th if born around April 30th to May 2nd when Mars combines with Uranus, suggesting that some left-field events and comment will catapult you out of inertia. In fact, for the next few months, eureka moments of an exceptionally insightful sort abound for this group, and the use of technology and lateral thought puts you in the spotlight.

Changes of goals and inspiring influences of others should be embraced, even if it threatens your valuable same old, same old.

Neptune’s rays are still bringing confusion, deception and disorientation to Taurus born May 6th -9th notably on the 8th and 22nd when the Sun and Mercury exactly square up to his energy.

However if you let the heart, not the head, speak during those time, the true artist in you will be liberated. Watch the pictures and listen to your dreams.

The new Moon in your sign on the 8th suggests a real renaissance in the lives of those born May 8th to 10th. To have a birth anniversary on a new Moon spells a rather positively revolutionary new year.

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