Virgo May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

May and Virgos are a constructive combination, at least until around May 22nd when the Sun moves into Gemini. Taurus is a fellow earthy energy, so the Sun and also Mercury from the 12th to 28th, and then Venus until the 10th in Taurus, all augur well for you.

Those born after September 10th should exploit the first ten days if there is a desire to travel or to pursue romance, or indeed to get your work launched in an overseas context. Venus will definitely be then cheering you on.

free May 2018 horoscope for virgo

All Virgos benefit between the 12th and May 28th when Mercury also encourages intellectual attainment and insight, and excellent communications are yours, at home and abroad.

Mars in Pisces this month however is less benign. Pisces being your opposite sign connects with your relationship interests and Mars, being the warlord and in that area speaks for itself.

All born up to September 15th can expect some brickbats thrown from partners and close associates. You in turn are easily provoked, so fanning the fires of confrontation.

Seeing others’ differences of opinion as a threat then, may be merely the result of your own insecurity. However if you wish to impact the public, this is the time to choose. It is also advisable during this period to play it cool and don’t do knee-jerk.

After the 10th resist sycophancy at work and beware false flattery, but do enjoy your place in the Sun as far as your creativity goes.

Uranus is slowly but surely creating disruptions in the souls and lives of those born September 1st to 4th and will do so on and off until the end of 2018.

This month, however, when he conjoins his rays with the disruptions of Uranus between the 14th and 17th in particular you will be well advised to get your armor on, as there are some real curve balls in the air vis-à-vis others. It is also definitely not a time to take risks with physical safety.

Despite the fact that Uranus brings awakening and enlightenment, he can do this through unscheduled shock, and often totally reshapes the landscape within and without, with one fell swoop. Indeed, the 18th, 19th, and  May 31st all hold some potential for unscheduled events.

Another currently powerful player in the heavens and affecting directly the lives of those born September 15th to 18th is Pluto. This again is a long haul but one that ultimately forces the revelation of truth and personal insight and authentic empowerment in work and domestic life.

Power struggles taking place with others are really about the survival of your soul and the ultimate recognition of your own devils.

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