November 2017 horoscope day by day

November starts out in a waning cycle, which is good for reassessing, making plans, getting rid of old methods or attitudes, and for rituals of cleansing. With November’s Scorpio/Sagittarius influence, do some investigation, but take a philosophical approach. Avoid that obsession thing.

One of the biggest energies this month is a Saturn/Uranus challenge, and many will react with frustration. It may seem as though obstacles are everywhere, restricting your freedom and keeping you from making changes. Some people will really rebel against authority, and others will merge practicality with experimentation. This will really peak mid month, and will be reinforced by a Jupiter/Mars challenge. When experiencing frustration or delays, stand back, release your stress and make yourself focus on your desired outcome. By doing this each time an obstacle appears, it can have a magical effect. Another thing to remember is the term, “Fortunate delays.” Also, plan a little adventure, even if just for an afternoon, because it will help alleviate restlessness.

Mercury is retrograde from the 4th thru 24th, so double check all math, messages and communication. Some say not to sign contracts during this period, but you can’t just stop your life when Mercury is retrograde. Business must go on. So make an effort to visualize and affirm before each important agreement or decision, and proofread things carefully. Mercury is in Sagittarius until the 9th, which stimulates a desire to stretch your mind, to understand the world around you. People tend to be more direct, saying it like they see it. Truth is great, but it may sound tactless at times. Mercury re-enters Scorpio on the 9th, and stays there thru the month, so your thinking becomes very resourceful, as well as deep. Great for research, soul searching and getting to the bottom of things.


A New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is powerful for meditating and visualizing your desires! It begins the waxing cycle, which normally is excellent for launching new projects or beginnings. Because Mercury is retrograde, this throws a little kink in things, but can be worked out with focus and a positive attitude.

Mars is in Capricorn for most of November, which helps you take actions which are practical, efficient and sensible.

Venus enters Libra on the 8th, so tap into your sense of beauty. Over the next few weeks, create some art or music, buy some new clothes, or change your hairstyle a little. It will feel great. Your social skills are enhanced too, which makes parties extra fun. The 16th thru the 17th, your words have healing power, so use them well. Read inspiring books or passages…they’ll really click.

A Full Moon in Gemini on the 22nd kicks off the waning cycle. A great day to write your goals and dreams on paper–writing them down really sets things into motion.

Mars enters Aquarius late on the 26th, so your actions will go from being practical to being more ingenious for the next few weeks. The 27th thru 29th are very imaginative and psychic. Meditate, visualize and dream! You CAN make it happen.

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Day by Day:&

1 Wed: Leo Moon energy gives extra confidence and a sense of drama. Luck can come your way in the early evening, especially if you note the good things already in your life. Arrogance may strike in the late hours.

2 Thu: Good day for analysis and problem solving. Criticism may be encountered, especially midday, so stay positive. Things improve in the afternoon, and you can really get organized.

3 Fri: Create order out of chaos, but allow yourself some breaks. Don’t abuse coffee today. A lovely, happy energy moves in late afternoon, so plan a nice outing or dinner.

4 Sat: Your mind is incredibly imaginative, yet you have a solid practical outlook too. A great combination! Mercury turns retrograde at 6:51pm (PST)

5 Sun: Rebels are on the rampage, but they try to be diplomatic. Think before burning bridges. Do something unusual today.

6 Mon: Balance is a keyword. You don’t know whether to work or play. So do a little of both. But when you’re working, work…because the boss is watching.

7 Tue: The energy is mystical and intense today with the New Moon in Scorpio (exact at 7:53pm , PST). Emotions may flair, but will cleanse you, and clarify what you want.

8 Wed: Moon is void of course all day, so don’t worry if you feel in a fog. Avoid important decisions and big purchases if possible. Use this day for creative work.

9 Thu: A day when words can be very charming and persuasive. Use it to your advantage. Sing.

10 Fri: Art, music and theater are really enhanced today, so experience something creative. Write down your ideas, and let your thoughts run wild….it may lead to a breakthrough!

11 Sat: Your physical energy is boosted, so get some stuff done! But make it fun, too. Philosophize while you work.

12 Sun: Focus on practical things, and give thought to your goals. A good business idea should come through in the afternoon. (it may come to you from an elder).

13 Mon: The Saturn/Uranus challenge is peaking, tensions are building, so start your day with positive visualization and it will run much smoother. Don’t forget…”fortunate delays.” Try to update at least one little thing today.

14 Tue:: Tensions are still high, and because the Moon is in Aquarius, you may have an urge to totally break away. Before doing so, try to connect with your spirit…you will be guided.

15 Wed: A great brain day. You can dig deep, yet can envision what you want the future to be. Are there things you need to release?

16 Thu: A day when you can think and speak with more power and authority. Get outside and connect with nature in the afternoon.

17 Fri: Experience healing thru art, music or…love. Passion and romance is enhanced. The day may start a little spaced-out and weird, but greatly improves as the day progresses.

18 Sat: Imagination wins out over logic, especially the 1st half of the day. If you run into snags with that dry brainwork…then put it away for another day. Great for readings, spiritual exploration and metaphysical activities.

19 Sun: Get spontaneous, but don’t go over the top. Cockiness lurks. Your power is enhanced midday. Something surprising may happen tonight.

20 Mon: Do something totally new and different today. Take a little chance. Mid afternoon may bring a temper flairup, so watch that ego. Stay cool and positive. Luck is high from 4:00pm thru the night.

21 Tus: Restless, yet ingenious. A good day for thinking while exercising…money ideas may arise. Plan an unexpected outing with your partner…it’ll work! Tonight is excellent for making a plan or focusing on money ideas, especially if you allowed yourself some fun earlier on.

22 Wed: Full Moon (exact at 11:04pm, PST) excitement is in the air. Get your practical things done in the day, and use your powers of communication at night. Definitely a good night to write down your desires and wishes, as the Full Moon will be in Gemini.

23 Thu: Another good day to write, talk or stimulate your brain. Do a variety of things and get inquisitive. Midday is a good time to focus on healing or positive change. The evening is great for computer work or play.

24 Fri: A day when helping others is on your mind. Do your part…even a word of encouragement can be uplifting. Also a good day for readings or meditation. Mercury turns direct at 7:53pm, PST.

25 Sat: A Cancer Moon is incredibly appropriate for this Thanksgiving day. Enjoy fine food and the company of those you love!

26 Sun: Emotions are really out there today, so let your nurturing side emerge. If you go out tonight, get home early to avoid the grouches. Alcohol should be used only moderately, if at all.

27 Mon: The first half of the day is great for presenting your ideas, as well as doing something really fun. Sometimes the best ideas arise when you’re playing. Those in charge may be unreasonable in the late afternoon….stay positive and keep your goals in focus. Think before rebelling.

28 Tus: A day of generosity, optimism and originality. Luck can really come your way, if you release your doubts and trust in the universe.

29 Wed: Those picky complainers are at it again. Don’t take it too personally…instead, see what wisdom you can pull out of it. Tonight, a positive vibe can turn a tense situation into one of healing.

30 Thu: The morning is good for analysis and brainwork; the afternoon for cleaning and bringing order to your life. Excellent for laying a foundation for December