Aries 2019 Horoscope

Mars is the planet that govern the Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs and the 1st and the 8th house. The “Red Planet”, as it is referred to by astrologers, represents the energy used to gain recognition, to fight for what we want to achieve, and to take decisions.

The term that defines Mars is “action”. Mars represents the engine of the ability to deal with challenges, to take initiative, to use strength and to make efforts, to withstand defensively and offensively. It encourages us to be competent – to use chance.

aries 2019 horoscope

Boldness, courage and conduct are associated with planet Mars. It represents the essence of will and the expression of one’s own ego. Mars can also express fury, frustration and anger, therefore is primal and it inspires instinctive energy.

While it emboldens us to be brave in everything we do, it has very little to do with tact and diplomacy.

Uranus, the planet of action, of brilliance, of revolution, is retrograde in Aries (at the beginning of January 2019), the sign of passion, unpredictability and selfishness, which means that nothing will stop the Aries natives from fulfilling their personal wishes.

While Uranus is retrograde in Aries (January 1-6, 2019), the natives will further improve their qualities and positive aspects, which will bring them very close to a sensational promotion in 2019.

In 2019, Aries natives have the support of Uranus in developing their creative and original thinking, Saturn will help in property issues, Jupiter is assisting in everything associated with family, parents, home, real estate businesses, love, children, Neptune can offer mental peace or it can lead you to indulge in all kinds of illusions, Pluto is the judge of career and social status.

In 2019, Uranus in Aries remains your same astral friend (the rebel, the novelty, the shock, the revolutionary) which will awaken your creativity. This energy has a direct influence on your personality, individuality, it can make you desire more freedom, and find proper environments that can help you highlight your individuality and your need to stand out in a crowd.

With Uranus “holding your hand”, you are in the process of redefining yourself, which is not a short term process, it is rather one that might take several years. You have on your side an energy that can help you free yourself from everything old, that keeps you in place, opening the door for something completely new.

Changes might occur during January, February and March of 2019 in all spheres of life, from career, friends, love and family to workplace, superiors or country. For you, Uranus is a real filter for freedom, which enables you to be yourself, making place for changes, for unexpected, freeing and awakening you in a rapid manner.
Everything gets more intense in April-June 2019, both physically and emotionally.

This is a good period for making changes, for courageous projects and new actions. Also, if you want to change your workplace or even your profession, now you have a very good chance.

Towards the end of the year, during November and December of 2019, you will be full of energy, you’ll want everything to happen immediately, and patience is no longer part of your life dictionary. Negative – this negative energy can affect your health; positive – this energy will bring you spiritual release and a new and revolutionary outlook on life.

Aries 2010 Horoscope Month by Month

January 2019

January 21, 2019 (Full Moon in Leo zodiac sign): the love house will be positioned in front of some changes.

Jebruary 2019

February 18, 2019 (Sun enters Pisces zodiac sign): old connection with some so-called friends might break and new friendships might develop.

March 2019

March 20, 2019 (Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox): For Aries, the spring equinox period can lead to fatigue, anxiety, sadness, which is simply called by doctors: spring asthenia. Also, these natives should be on their guard in this period because they have increased chances of setting the base of a successful partnership. But they should first take care of their health.
March 5- 28 of 2019 (Mercury is retrograde in Pisces): communication problems, violent outbursts, avoid any document signing.

April 2019

  • April 10 – August 11 of 2019 (Jupiter retrograde): workplace blunders will surface, discharge, new work place.
  • April 30 – September 19 of 2019 (Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn): friends get disappointed by Aries natives’ attitude.
  • April 24 – October 3 of 2019 (Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn): a lot of injustice is being committed and all the blame falls on Aries.

May 2019

May 18 (Full Moon in Scorpio): a new vision regarding money, debts, desire to adapt, financial surprises.

June 2019

June 21 – November 27, 2019 (Neptune is retrograde in Pisces): stress reaches it maximum, new mentors might occur in the Aries natives’ lives.
June 21 (Sun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice): the summer solstice will instill more energy than usual to all Aries natives. They will get very enthusiastic and in the mood to start a lot of new things.

July 2019

July 23 (Total Sun Eclipse): formalizing your relationship, meeting a new partner.
July 16-17 (Partial Moon Eclipse): coming into the world of a baby, passed exams, formalizations, fun.

August 2019

August 12 (Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus): the financial issues worsen.
July 8 (in Leo) – August 1 (in Cancer) (Mercury retrograde): you find solutions to your problems, but they are difficult to implement and you lack the necessary resources to do so.

September 2019

September 23, 2019 (Sun enters Libra): The autumn equinox helps Aries natives to detach from everyday problems and find their inner balance.
April 30 -September19 (Saturn retrograde in Capricorn): a professional change occurs, things start to get back to normal.

October 2019

April 24 – October 3 (Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn): stress takes its toll on your health, you experiment issues in manifesting your creative capacity at work.

November 2019

  • November 27 (Neptune returns to its direct trajectory in Pisces): the problems faced at the beginning of the year disappear, especially those related to debt, the Aries natives are going to have a better relationship with the people around them.
  • 29 November (Jupiter passes in Sagittarius): you become aware of the fact that you need professional training, an exam, a certificate.
  • October 31 – November 20 (Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio): irregularities connected with an identification document, a visa, a problem while taking an exam may occur.

December 2019

  • December 22, 2019 (Winter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn): For Aries, the winter solstice is a good moment for starting a new project. The stars offer them enough energy to finalize anything they plan to achieve.
  • December 26, 2019 (Sun Eclipse): All eclipses are signs of changes, but changes in concordance with each person’s destiny. During the Sun eclipse, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun is temporally blocking the light.
  • For some, the influence of the eclipse can be subtle, while for others it can be quite intense, indicating new beginnings, radical changes, unexpected news, and all kinds of surprises. The ones most affected by this Sun Eclipse are the Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, natives governed by the Moon.