Cancer Money & Career Horoscope 2019

Uranus has been in the house of career of Cancer natives between March 2011 and April 2018 and during these seven years, it brought tumultuous and contradictory
evolutions in the professional life.

As of 2019, the Cancer natives will start to take more responsibilities at work, they will become more constant in their activities and respecting rules or fulfilling their superiors’ directives is not going to be as difficult.

The Full Moon that occurs on May 18 of 2019, will bring the Cancer natives new ideas of making money. Now, the majority of Cancer natives have excellent business ideas, but not the necessary funding to put these ideas into practice. Therefore, they will need to look for financial support.
cancer 2019 money and health horoscope

Some of the Cancer natives will be able to convince their parents, partners or a friend to invest in their projects, but some of them will fail to find the needed support and instead, they will face arguments and reproaches. This is a good time to test the people around you, so you can see who you can count on.

Another phenomenon that occurs frequently during this kind of transit is the discontent related to the current job and the desire to make something more. In this matter also, it is important to have the support and the right advisers.

In May-June 2019, when Venus transits the 2nd house, the financial security becomes very important for the Cancer. In the same time, however, the natives like to invest in their own bodies, both for their health and for their beauty. Therefore, the Cancer natives will find different ways to save money, but also to gain additional income. However, after work, they will relax and pamper themselves either at a spa or at shopping, buying some nice clothes.

Another advantage of this period is that the Cancer natives are great at communicating and they do it effortlessly with the people with jobs in the financial sector: accountants or bank employees.
Between July 8 and August 1 of 2019, Mercury is retrograde in Cancer sign, and the natives should be very careful about how and what they spend their money on.

Only towards the end of 2019, the Cancer natives need to be more cautious because the stars predict the occurrence of some risks. By acting cautiously, the Cancer natives will manage to keep what they gain throughout the year.

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