Gemini 2019 Horoscope

If your birth date falls between May 21 and June 21, you are a Gemini.

2019 is going to be a remarkable year for Gemini, especially for the natives with an interest and inclination towards sports or artistic domain. They want and they easily manage to make progress, by improving their qualities and talents.

They get over any eventual failures or bad days with no difficulties and they do everything cheerfully, always thinking of the future.

For Gemini, Neptune’s transit determines a time when their creativity is fueled and they can easily get out of troubles. They will be more grounded in reality than usual and they will take the best decisions.gemini 2019 horoscope

The financial and professional obligations tend to be the problem throughout 2019, but if they are willing to get involved and do what is necessary, they can accomplish a lot.

Jupiter will encourage you to explore new possibilities for improvement and development. The improvements may refer to family life, the natives could relocate in a bigger house or they might start a house renovation project.

The 2019 horoscope for Gemini foresees a favourable year health-wise, with no major issues; it’s up to them to avoid making excesses or putting in danger their physical state.

They feel inclined to different activities that can help them maintain their physical condition; moreover, for the single natives, signing up for a dance class or club improves their chances of finding a largely compatible partner with similar interests.


For Gemini, love and romance are part of their daily life. Their nature is very gentle and luck seems to always shine upon them. Even with this great news, in March they will have to take few important decisions.

Between March and June 2019, you are going to have a hectic time in your sentimental life. Indecision and haste can lead to less joy and more disappointment.

They face some communication problems and the only chance of solving them is detachment. Thus, caution and a greater capacity for empathy are recommended.

Those involved in lasting sentimental relationships seem to face issues caused by monotony or distance. Adventures or small distractions and not quite the best options for stress relief. An honest conversation with the loved one or with other trusted people can restore serenity in the relationship.

The single natives have a better time. They seem to be satisfied by their status, being confident and optimistic. Therefore, they can expect pleasant surprises in their love life.

For those already involved in a relationship, 2019 is the year of wedding bells. The family life is going to be peaceful and happy. The love horoscope advises you to get rid of the old bad habits. It is necessary to set some new skills and to make a change for the better. This will surely attract the attention of a special person.

Love could come from any direction, so the natives must be ready. A good compatibility is predicted with the Sagittarius, Aries, and Scorpio natives and a lot of caution with the Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn natives.

In October 2019, the love life is not the most harmonious one. If you are already involved in a relationship, you are going to face many unpleasant times.

Whether because you are tired of being stuck in a rut, or because you have no more patience, or because you are unsatisfied with your life partner, you will choose to spend more time as a couple.

The single ones have chances of meeting a very special person. However, in order to avoid any disappointment, it is advisable to try to get to know that person better. Journeys are very beneficial for finding a new love.

The most compatible zodiac signs with the Taurus native in love relationships are: Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

The air element that governs the Gemini sign will help them adapt anywhere and anytime, will determine them to be communicative and able to easily manipulate.

They get bored quite easily, this is why they need zodiac signs that are alike, such as Libra or Aquarius, so they can dream together. A fire sign full of dynamism such as the Leo or the Aries can hold the interest of the slippery Gemini and form a perfect couple.

 Money & Career

Our astrologer will present the most important transits and astral aspects that influence the financial and professional life during 2019.

Between March 6 and July 2019, you have to discover your own methods to become more efficient at work.

The majority of them become self-taught and manage to perfect their own training. It is often not at all comfortable to recognize your limits and try to overcome them. But it’s the only way you can get better.

Right from the second day of the new year, they will understand that by perfecting themselves, they increase their chances of earning more money.

Saturn will help you to organize their budget otherwise, you might encounter issues starting from April 30 until September 19, 2019.

During Saturn’s retrogradation, those born under the Gemini sign will have to work hard for the money they earn.

This period is certainly not suitable for gambling and the natives should not expect any inheritance – they are not going to become rich overnight.

From the end of April and the beginning of September, the risks are especially high for those who are financially dependent on other people: parents, life partner, relatives or wealthier friends. Perhaps they will not be as generous as usual and they will find themselves in some uncomfortable situations.

Simultaneously, Jupiter turns them into the most appreciated employees. You will always be good communicators and you also have a natural ability to make friends anywhere, including at work.

These qualities are strengthened by Jupiter in Scorpio, which improves the relationships with colleagues and, in parallel, emphasizes their attention to details.

In times such as these,  with jobs that require great attention to details have the most to gain: accountants, construction engineers, architects,
designers etc.

Once Saturn’s retrogradation period is over, it would be expected that you will have already understood the lessons you received and will have drawn
the relevant conclusions.

The first steps towards financial independence are taken and the money relationships with other people are starting to gain a new shape, beneficial
for both parties.

The tough impact of the first months of Saturn’s transit has passed, and now, with patience, a new financial stability is built.

In conclusion, 2019 is a busy year from a professional point of view. Although you might have doubts regarding your ability to deal with challenges, the stars are offering you opportunities to successfully overcome them.


This year, health is directly involved in the astral chart of the Gemini, through the presence of Venus, a planet responsible for the immune system of the body, but also for the skin, hair, nails, joints, and teeth’s health.

Regarding the physical health, the entire astral chart is well illustrated. You have energy, creativity, resistance to stress, an amazing muscle tonus and a lot of optimism.
It is recommended to make treatments to boost your immune system and not refuse vaccination because your organism is sensitized.

There is a risk of frequent infections, sleep disorders, metabolic affections, skin conditions, joint, bone, dental issues etc.

These affections, if you allow them to occur, don’t seem to be severe according to the astral predictions, but they are distressing enough to ruin your good mood.

This is why it is recommended to protect your health and do to the doctor at least for routine physical examination during 2019.

gemini love and health horoscope 2019

Unlike other zodiac signs, you are perfectly capable of getting involved in two projects simultaneously.
Following a diet does not impede them from building a successful career.

Gemini 2019 Horoscope Month by Month


January 21, 2019 (Full Moon in Leo): In the first decade of January 2018, Mercury, the ruler of Geminis, is still in the couple house. It is the end of a cycle that started in November, which brings surprises in your love life.


February 18, 2019 (Sun enters Pisces): Collaborations, associations and teamwork are extremely valued in the professional activity in February . In any case, this period also leaves enough room for competition and rivalry.


March 20, 2019 (Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox): March 2019 is a month full of opportunities for the career, the socio-professional status and the success .
March 5-28, 2019 (Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces): During March, you will reach your physical peak and their good mood is contagious. Nevertheless, they are not completely sheltered from troubles.


April 2019

April 10 – August 11, 2019 (Jupiter retrograde): When Jupiter is retrograde, you will experience a major energetic potential, directed towards home and family. They have the chance to improve their relationship with their relatives and to increase the comfort of their home.
April 30 – September 19, 2019 (Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn): Saturn instils in Gemini natives seriousness, maturity and a direct, unfaltering attitude in the relationship between partners.
April 24 – October 3, 2019 (Pluto retrograde in Capricorn): Clearly, in April , there is a connection between your career and relationships. This might refer to relationships of collaboration, romantic relationships or relationships in general.


May 18, 2019 (Full Moon in Scorpio): The income  is satisfying, but the spending seems to be higher than usual.


June 21 – November 27, 2019 (Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces): Money and business represent an extremely important chapter for you throughout June 2019, but especially during the last days of the month.
June 21, 2019 (Sun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice): For you, June is one of the brightest month of the year. Their vitality and confidence are at the highest point. It is the perfect time for intellectual and creative activities. The students and those with jobs in the artistic and creative fields will shine in their activities.


July 23, 2019 (Total Sun Eclipse): Until June 28 of 2019, some delays or other money-related issues may occur. Therefore, it is recommended for you to avoid making important transaction and caution regarding what you purchase and how you manage their money.
July 16-17, 2019 (Partial Moon Eclipse): This month, you enjoy an excellent state of health. For recreation and relaxation during the demanding periods, massage and light and a balanced diet are recommended.


August 12, 2019 (Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus): In the current relationships, achievements and redefinition of the dynamics within their relationships will occur. Their connections will be put to test due to some serious decisions they must take.
July 8, 2019 (in Leo) – August 1, 2019 (in Cancer) (Mercury retrograde in 2019): Mercury retrograde, the ruler of Gemini, might lead to some uncomfortable feelings or tardiness during the last 3 weeks of June 2019.


September 23, 2019 (Sun enters Libra): The monthly horoscope of September 2019 for Gemini shows good signs for those who are looking for a new job. The opportunities are closer than they expect and you will have the chance of approaching an already known reality from a new perspective and find your place in a new work scheme.
April 30 – September 19, 2019 (Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn): For the natives that are single or looking for an easy adventure, it is best to keep in mind that romantic relationships that are not doubled by serious intentions don’t bring too much satisfaction, quite the contrary, they can create complications, especially in the second part of September.


April 24 – October 3, 2019 (Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn): It is possible to enjoy spiritual fulfillment next to someone with whom they work or share common responsibilities. However, it seems that in October  there is a connection between feelings and duties. A romantic affair in the workplace is not excluded.


November 27, 2019 (Neptune returns to its direct trajectory in Pisces): All month of October has an aura of chance, but, financially, the first part of the month is luckier.
29 November (Jupiter will pass in Sagittarius): Under Jupiter’s protection, the professional life will flourish, will gain scope and it will improve. It is true that the natives will work more, but they will do it with more enthusiasm and more satisfaction.


December 22, 2019 (Winter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn): Additional income sources, financial opportunities, unexpected earnings.
December 26, 2019 (Sun Eclipse): Their energy is capricious, and the body needs to maintain a certain balance in order to function properly. Stress, proneness to intemperance and lack of precaution are the main enemies of Gemini in December.