Gemini Money & Career Horoscope 2019

Our astrologer will present the most important transits and astral aspects that influence the Gemini natives in their financial and professional life during 2019.

Between March 6 and July 2019, the Gemini natives have to discover on their own methods to become more efficient at work.

gemini money and career horoscope 2019

The majority of them become self-taught and manage to perfect their own training. It is often not at all comfortable to recognize your limits and try to overcome them. But it’s the only way you can get better.

Right from the second day of the new year, the Gemini will understand that by perfecting themselves, they increase their chances of earning more money.

Saturn will help the Gemini natives to organize their budget otherwise, they might encounter issues starting from April 30 until September 19, 2019.

During Saturn’s retrogradation, those born under the Gemini sign will have to work hard for the money they earn.

This period is certainly not suitable for gambling and the natives should not expect any inheritance – they are not going to become rich overnight.

From the end of April and the beginning of September, the risks are especially high for the Gemini natives who are financially dependent on other people: parents, life
partner, relatives or wealthier friends. Perhaps they will not be as generous as usual and the Gemini natives will find themselves in some uncomfortable situations.

Simultaneously, Jupiter turns them into the most appreciated employees. Gemini natives have always been good communicators and they also have a natural ability to make friends anywhere, including at work.

These qualities are strengthened by Jupiter in Scorpio, which improves the relationships with colleagues and, in parallel, emphasizes their attention to details.

In times such as these, the Gemini natives with jobs that require great attention to details have the most to gain: accountants, construction engineers, architects,
designers etc.

Once Saturn’s retrogradation period is over, it would be expected that the Gemini natives will have already understood the lessons they received and will have drawn
the relevant conclusions.

The first steps towards financial independence are taken and the money relationships with other people are starting to gain a new shape, beneficial
for both parties.

The tough impact of the first months of Saturn’s transit has passed, and now, with patience, a new financial stability is built.

In conclusion, 2019 is a busy year from a professional point of view. Although the Gemini natives might have doubts regarding their ability to deal with challenges, the
stars are offering them opportunities to successfully overcome them.

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