Libra Love & Health Horoscope 2019

Health Horoscope for Libra

The first trimester of 2019 will be marked by fatigue and a poor state of health, indispositions, and hypersensitivities. However, once the period has passed, after taking a break to recover your energy, you will enter on an ascending slope.

You will need to revitalize your mental state because many affections are caused by a major mental discomfort. If you manage to detach yourself a bit from the unpleasant aspects of your professional activity and life in general, all those somatic manifestations that keep bothering you will disappear – especially the digestive ones.

The sensitive areas of Libra natives are the lower back and the kidneys. They need to get used to physical activity and to quit idleness.

libra love horoscope 2019

Being governed by Venus, these natives might be gourmands, thus exposed to culinary excess. Therefore, a good idea would be to learn how to be more moderate. Drinking a lot of water is imperative.
Therapies with essential rose oil or jasmine oil (aromatherapy), but also taking additional potassium supplements can be very beneficial.

The health state is satisfactory, except for some minor issues, for which they will find effective remedies.
Starting from the second trimester, nothing seems to satisfy them. They have the tendency to regard everything in a bleak and gloomy manner and to consider things worse than they really are. Relax and stop worrying for no reason, because, ultimately, your mental state will influence your health.

Starting from the second half of the year, you become more sensitive to the external germs and you can easily get sick. In the last trimester of the year, you become agitated and nervous and permanently worried.

The activities that please you, the company of your loved ones and other methods of relaxation, such as massage are weapons you can use to overcome these moments.
This is a year when the Libra natives must avoid at any cost stress because it can end up affecting their health.

The Libra natives are true fans of sweets and this is the reason they tend to frequently put on extra pounds, especially in the tight and waist area, so they are prone to obesity.

Their health state is not very good, although they seem to be strong and full of energy. In reality, their resilience to diseases is not quite good, this is why they must be careful when adopting a lifestyle and diet because a good choice can help them protect their health.

The recommended diet for Libra natives is rich in proteins and poor in fats and sugars. Lack of sleep, fatty foods, and alcohol abuse will show immediately on the sensitive skin of Libra natives.

The Libra should drink plenty of water in order to eliminate the toxins from the body. In turn, alcohol and carbonated drinks should be avoided because they can affect the kidneys.

Sport is a necessity for Libra since their slow metabolism is a factor that makes them prone to gaining weight. Any type of sports is welcome for this zodiac sign! The Libra natives despise intense exercising and are, by definition, sedentary people. An ideal solution is to sign up at a gym, where they can meet new people while exercising.

Love Horoscope for Libra

2019 is aiming to be a year full of peace and quiet for the Libra natives from an emotional and familial point of view. In the welded couples and the long-term relationships, the Libra will enjoy moments of stability, harmony, and compassion.

It is possible that the plans you made with your life partner to have taken shape since the end of 2018, therefore 2019 will find you at peace with yourself and your life.

This time, the novelty comes from the professional sphere where your attention is demanded more than ever and where Mercury helps you excel in the interpersonal relationships.

The greatest chances of having a wedding or a long-term relationship for the single Libra natives are during January-May 2019, so you should take advantage of all the opportunities to socialize, travel, and enjoy the small pleasures of life. It is possible that your soulmate will find you first.

This year, the Libra native will manage to better understand her partner, thus love will have a positive turn. Jupiter will give a more profound meaning to your relationship.

Intense passion and romance will be your main characteristics for the better part of the year. This will whether give new colors and consolidate your existing relationship, or it will help you successfully start a new one. Only the dysfunctional or inconsistent relationships will dissolve, leaving space for new ones with value and meaning.

The most compatible zodiac signs for the Libra native in love are: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Out of all the air signs, the most judicious, charming and diplomate sign, the Libra sign will form an ideal couple with the Gemini or Aquarius natives. With the latter, they can have a superb love story because they are two libertine dreamers and they know to give each other space, when necessary.

With the Leo native, they can form a couple just like at Hollywood, they will shine and they will love each other like in stories. With the Sagittarius, the Libra native will have a balanced house, based on justice and fairness.

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