Taurus Money & Career Horoscope 2019

In 2019 horoscopes, the career of Taurus natives goes through a process of priorities reassessment or reevaluation of some older projects.

Mercury’s retrogradation cycles are taking place in the vocational houses of Taurus: the
house of social position and reputation, the house of work and one of the money houses.

Besides being the master of Taurus money house, Mercury is linked to intellect,
information, communication, documents, negotiations, calculations, journeys, exchanges
(including commercial). Therefore, the profession and the money of Taurus will be closely
connected to these domains.
taurus money and career horoscope 2019
No major earnings will occur and, even if they were scheduled now, there are big chances
to be delayed.

During April and May, the situation will improve and the Taurus natives have
two months when they can adjust their budget.

After this, it’s going to be again quiet, until November-December, which bring more
significant gains.

A lot of caution is recommended when taking decisions, especially between January 5 –
March 13, May 1 – July 8 and August 27 – November 2, 2019.

The master of Taurus career house, Saturn, will deal for a long time with the financial
aspect of the Taurus life, especially regarding businesses, investments, loans, money
recoveries, inheritances, marital assets, and partitions, as well as bank and financial
institutions interactions.

Saturn is not a comfortable planet and it can bring certain frustrations and restrictions in
the coming years.

But Saturn is a great maestro of organizing and financial strategies and
it can help the wise and the patient to build sustainable fortunes.

The good relationships between Saturn and Jupiter, and Uranus during the first five

months and a half of 2019 will facilitate the profits and the investments of Taurus natives.

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