Gemini & Libra autumn horoscope



Work: Yours is traditionally the hardest working sign of the zodiac, but it’s not enough to simply put the hours in for the rest of the year and hope to meet the bills. This is a time for setting your sights on the uppermost strata, and you can tolerate almost anything that provides a means to this ultimate end. You are in a generous mood and your friendly working vibes are enhanced, so watch out for offers and invitations as people want your sociable state of mind to rub off.

Love: 2017 especially is a good time for effortless flirtation and attracting attention – Venus going through your sign is no guarantee of finding love, but it certainly increases the percentages. So maximise your mobility and accept every invitation that lands on your mat. Part of you may like to stay behind the scenes, quietly plotting love conquests yet to come, but get out, be smart and make things happen for you while the odds are in your favour. Normally, you can be as charming as you like and take great trouble over your outfits, but you are still stuck if there are no social openings. Now however, the doors are flung wide open and it is your availability, easiness and affableness that make such an irresistible hit.

Finance: A pile of planets moving into your personal finance zone signals a good time to get ahead. If you want to stretch yourself, then you could be in luck, for resources will be there to meet whatever speculation you have planned. But this is not a charter for unlimited spending, so be careful if you have dreams of wearing the strip out on your credit card. However, should you be of a mind to make a grand gesture or two, or set yourself up on a new long-term enterprise, then you owe it to yourself to think big.

Heath: Watching what you eat is a natural thing for a Gemini, but a more radical or idealistic diet is not beyond your scope now. Getting started is the hardest thing, so you may spend time reading up on the latest food fads before committing yourself to the actual practice.


Work: Speak up now if you think you should be rewarded for doing better at your job. With the fortunate planet Jupiter now in your sign, the time has come to raise your sights and expectations, and above all you want to find work that you believe in. Nothing is gained by thinking small and hoping for the best, the way to get maximum results now is mentally picturing success writ large. Past setbacks and disappointments can be forgotten and left behind as you shape up for the future in a righteous upbeat mood.

Love: This is truly a terrific time of year for you, with perfect timing, and if you have promised yourself a new romance for your birthday or beyond, then the very best could be coming your way. Venus sweeping into your sign between 29th October and 23rd November 2017 is the perfect window to show your diplomatic dash, and whether you looking for something new, or to luxuriate in a situation you are already in, then get ready to enjoy.

Finance: Jupiter entering your sign for a whole year is all about good fortune and this of course extends to your finances. Good luck at this time is of your own making, coming from your confident, hopeful attitude – you attract the best by believing the best. Wasting money is never good, however, much better to use what you have to make yourself more comfortable now and in the months to come. Something good, if subtle should be coming your way.

Health: Even if nothing so wonderful is happening in your world, you should still be feeling good, with a healthy inner glow. The main hazard you face is putting on weight, and while you have a certain amount of fun doing this, better to pace yourself as you go along. Mars going through your sign until mid November may keep you in check, providing the necessary energy needed to go for the burn.