Horoscope for year 2017 – What will happen in career, money, love

Aries: As the year begins, you likely will be reworking projects related to your goals or career activities. From mid-January through early March 2017 aspects favor travel, legal concerns, publishing, and dealing with people at a distance. Interests concerning finances, love life, children and play are favored through the month of August with particular punctuation points In late April and early July. From June forward, it will be important to give attention to issues concerning aging property and also to needy family members. Between mid-June and the end of September, it is best to remain in the background and use your energy to contemplate your next plans. Throughout the second half of the year, you are well advised to allow changes to come to you, rather than being the initiator. Improved conditions related to job and working environment will begin in September and continue through the end of the year, with special emphasis in November. Then as the year draws to a close, you will be once again reworking projects related to goals and career.

Taurus: A new start or a change in your partnership(s) that began in December 2016, will grow, change, evolve, and transform throughout the year. Times of adjustment and negotiation in this arena occur near Mar. 26, June 5, July 24, Sep. 16, 27, and Nov. 12. Ease of flow and harmony in relationships is prominent near April 21, July 11, Oct. 10 and Dec. 25. A time of particular awareness and enlightenment concerning relationships occurs in Aug–Sep. You are likely to encounter a whole new group of friends and associates between March and Sep. Mercury’s retrograde transit through your sign in April and May will make it difficult to plan or complete anything. Have a sense of humor and allow extra time for everything on your calendar. Long term financial pressures begin to ease in June and you may decide to purchase a used vehicle or one which is decidedly economical. In the summer those in rented dwellings may decide to move. From Sep. to the end of the year the romantic picture is essentially favorable. Those who want children may be granted their wish in the second half of the year.

Gemini: For the past 2 years you have experienced significant challenges to your identity, in your partnership(s), and possibly also in the area of personal health. The point is that if you want to continue to be creative, you must stop and deal with certain realities that have been interfering with your forward motion. You must take yourself more seriously and become more intentional and self-directed. By now you have either chosen or been forced to make new, life-renewing decisions. Those who are experiencing health problems, particularly with bones and teeth, will find clear improvement after May.  Between March and Sept. you will notice a certain restlessness developing, concerning career and long term life direction. Eventually changes will come, but for now it is important to simply consider what is most important to create in your life. From September forward you will enjoy improvements in your daily surroundings, greater overall mobility, and opportunities for education, whether you are teacher or student.

Cancer: The Mercury retrograde in January is likely to affect you through the circumstances of others in your life. Life will be easier if you go with the flow and assume that few things will work out as expected. By mid-February 2017 you will have a better sense of direction. In late March you are subject to “attack” which you do not deserve, but you must defend your position. The aggressor is striking out at you, but the cause is his/her old pain. May brings a conclusion of one era and the beginning of a new time in your life. In June you will begin a 2.5 year period of renewed self-definition. It will require effort, but you will have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish in order to reshape your life. The eclipse periods occur in May and November, which may represent crises and intensity of mood. In Sep. you likely will begin a year’s process of education needed to achieve your aims, and it will feel like a breath of fresh air. Travel and a lighter frame of mind is more likely during that period as well.

Leo: Through Jan. it is important to focus on your health. Then attention shifts to a focus on circumstances surrounding partner(s) and significant others through mid-March. Longstanding difficulties concerning children, debt, and community status are emphasized in March and may be resolved legally in your favor during April. Beware of the temptation to promise more than you can deliver, particularly in February and May. Events of August represent a turning point in an important relationship. It will be time to openly recognize what it has become and where it is headed. Jupiter travels in your sign through August and will continue to open your heart and attitude, along with expanding your mind through more opportunities for travel or education than is norm in your life. Then it moves into the sector of resources and brings a year of improvements in that department. Be aware that you are moving toward an important shift in career direction in 2017.

Virgo: For the past two years you have experienced unusually heavy responsibilities concerning both career and home/family life. After May you will begin to see the return of rewards for all that hard work. At that point you likely will be invited to participate more fully in organizations that promote your life goals. Satisfaction from solitude and soul searching continues until September. At that point you will shift gears and become more extroverted, optimistic, and open to new experience. Travel and expansion of personal territory will be a significant part of your direction after August. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograding at the following times: January 2 — January 23, April 25 — May 20, August 27 — Septempber 20, December 16 — January 6, ’03. Plan your schedule at these times to allow for delays. During these periods, expect to slow your pace, retrace old territory, and maintain an attitude of flexibility. A good sense of humor is your best ally.

Libra: In Dec. ‘2016 you refocused your attention on plans to generate new or better financial resources during 2017. It is also possible that your primary relationship and/or partnership also made a shift in a new direction. In early June you may be tweaking both of these fresh starts and by late August the direction of the outcome will become apparent. Social life continues at a pleasant pace through August. Romantic highlights occur in late April, early July, early October, and on Christmas. In September you will likely become aware of the need to pull back a bit and spend more time in solitary contemplation as the year draws toward a close. From June through the end of the year there will be signs of a shift concerning your career or life direction. Those who have been happy in their careers to that point will probably take on greater responsibility and leadership. Those who are misplaced will begin a search for work which is more fulfilling. Family concerns may become more prominent from June to year end, particularly in relation to elder family members.

Scorpio: You have generally favorable aspects concerning career, goals, parents, and authority figures through the month of August. Drive carefully and watch the accelerator foot, from January through early April, and again late June. Prepare for a dip in income or extra expenses in March and again in July. Circumstances concerning romance, children, and creative energy bring pizazz and new interest through mid-September. Highlighted periods are near April 21, July 11, Oct. 10, and Dec. 25. A former romantic interest may reenter your life for another try between June and September, but don’t embroider the towels — not yet! Let things flow as they will, and do not attempt to force anything in any territory between mid-June and the end of September. From June through the end of the year you may be traveling for the sake of business, teaching, or focusing serious attention on improving your education.

From mid-January through early March, Mars, the ancient god of war is in your sign. You may be tempted to make impulsive and aggressive moves during this period, particularly in mid-February. Mars can be helpful if you have a major project that requires the use of muscles. Favorable influences continue related to the law, education, publishing, travel and dealing with people from a distance, January through August. Then the focus shifts to expanding conditions and improvements in the arena of career and life goals. From June forward it will be important to give close attention to investments, keeping excellent tax records, and organizing your financial picture. Many Archers will have a desire to organize affairs concerning insurance and estate matters. You will be called upon to improve habit patterns within intimate relationships, sexual and otherwise beginning in June. Between March and the end of September there will be hints of big changes to come in 2017 related to home, property and family. Projects begun in late November will require longer than anticipated to complete. Have patience.

Capricorn: Mercury will retrograde in your sign from January 2 — 23. Allow extra time for delays and don’t try to force decisions during this period. Many Goats will take another step in the direction of a 20 year cycle which began in the spring of 2000 as this year progresses. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground through June and don’t spend money that is not yet in your pockets. By September you likely will experience improvements through investments, insurance, inheritance, and/or resources of others which are shared with you. During the first two quarters it is important to attend to organization of your paperwork and other routine matters because you won’t have time in the last half of the year. Health issues continue to be prominent, so take special care of your physical body. During March and April Mars, the ancient god of war, will be in your sign, lending assistance to your physical strength and endurance. It may also sharpen your temper. In December Mercury once again retrogrades in Capricorn. Plan ahead for the holidays and leave plenty of space on your calendar for changes in the daily routine. Interests in legal affairs, travel, and education are favored from September until the end of the year.

Aquarius: During the first two quarters you are pressed to define yourself and your objectives. You could become very clear that some things in your life just are not working as you hoped. These things will nag for change and improvement. Relationships to children, lovers, and personally creative enterprises are particularly targeted for renewal through effort. The need for a spiritual break is strong in February and again in May-June. Take yourself to the water and read uplifting material. Use caution in these periods about promising what you may not be able to deliver. Between March and July you will be taking the next step on a long term project begun in 2000, related to home, family and property conditions. From September for the next year, conditions involving joint resources, investments, debt, insurance, and sexual intimacy will improve. You are preparing this year for a situation of changeable income that will evolve in 2017.

Pisces: From the beginning of the year through August, conditions are favorable in your work environment. This is the time to initiate any type of self-improvement program you need because there will be “help” from the cosmos in the areas of physical and emotional healing. An ounce of effort yields a pound of cure during this period. Between March and the end of September you will experience an unusually strong desire to break free of whatever conditions bind your life. This is the time to give consideration and to prepare for making those changes in 2017. The impulse to cut yourself loose will be strong between June and October, but it is likely premature and you may feel a state of nervous energy instead. Mars, the ancient god of war, will be traversing your sign from June to the end of the year. This is highly unusual. You likely will feel self-absorbed and may remember the past more vividly than you have in years. It may energize you to change the present. If unfavorable, you could become your own worst enemy. Use caution with driving and exercise from June through the end of the year. Don’t press your body beyond its limits. From September through the end of the year, more important aspects favor the improvement of all relationships, including partner(s).