How are things going for Roosters in 2017?

The Rooster in the Chinese Horoscope – hard-working, active and with a strong sense of humor
The Rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac. According to tradition, the order of the signs is inspired by the order in which the symbolic spiritual animals showed up in front of Buddha. Those born in the year of the Rooster have a strong power of observation, are hard-working, resourceful, courageous and talented. It can be said that they are among the most charismatic and attractive natives of the Chinese zodiac.

The Roosters feel best only when they are surrounded by people and that is why they tend to have large groups of friends and they prefer careers that put them in contact with other humans.

The Roosters are people who generally have good health, are active and interested in sport and physical exercise, especially in trips and swimming. They tend to suffer from health issues on a 12 years cycle when the fact that they are under their own sign makes them prone to the influence of the unfavorable positions of the stars.
The last year of the Rooster was in 2005, and after 2017, the next year is marked on the calendar of astrologers specialized in Chinese zodiac starting with January 28th 2029.

The year 2017 in the Chinese Horoscope – the year of the Fire Rooster
Generally, astrologers agree upon the fact that 2017 is going to be a better year than the one that precedes it. Children born under the sign of the fire rooster are trustworthy and have a strong sense of time and responsibility.
The years of the rooster are, usually, a combination of rightfulness, justice and logistic efficacy and that is why they are especially beneficial to people in administration, military or police forces.
The year of the Rooster has the particularity of being powerfully dominated by a single representative element. Just like the Rat and the Rabbit, the Rooster has the characteristic of being defined by a single element, without the influence of hidden elements as in the case of the other signs. This aspect puts a clear mark upon the year governed by the sign of the Rooster, meaning that it strongly depends on the native elements that it is attached to.

Although the cyclical rotation of the months and even of the days continuously brigs diversity upon the energetic flow between the 5 elements, there is a strong predominance of the governing element of the annual cycle. A year that is strongly dominated by a single element is, on one hand, considered an atypical year, a year of unusual phenomena and, on the other hand, a year of unbalance. As in Feng Shui, the balance between the elements is the key of the harmony within the Chinese zodiac.

2017 Chinese Horoscope, a year of change for Roosters
Astrologers predict that 2017 is going to be a year of all that is ephemeral for the Roosters. Personal choices are going to count less than in previous years, the destiny of this signs’ natives being strongly overtaken by the stars. Although the years of the zodiac sign are considered baleful for natives, 2017 doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad year for Roosters. It is all up to the capacity of the members of this Chinese zodiac sign to be cautious and prudent.

The Rooster in love, 2017
2017 is going to be a year with little luck in love for the Rooster and those who don’t remain cautious are going to have some bad luck. This is not the best year to start a new relationship, but the natives of the sign who are already in long-term relationships are going to be able to maintain the couple’s harmony if they give more attention to their partner.
The gestures, the actions, the feelings and the passion are all amplified to a maximum by the sign of fire which governs the year 2017. This is a year when an abusive relationship can degenerate even worse, but also the year when a stable relationship that is built on strong feelings could go to the next level.
In one way or another, it is obvious that the romantic life of Roosters is going to be marked by extremes in the following year. In 2017, the Rooster can expect good relations with the Dragon and the Snake and bad relations with the Rabbit, the Dog and another Rooster.

Rooster’s career in 2017
Regarding career, predictions are generally positive. Roosters should not expect to get bored during this period of time because the element of fire is going to fill them up with productive energy and is going to launch them in their careers if they are ready to take advantage of this opportunity.
There are high chances for challenges to appear, but the Roosters are going to be excellently prepared for them and it will help them stand out. The year 2017 is the perfect opportunity for this Chinese zodiac sign natives to be noticed both by their superiors and by the team members.

The Rooster and the money in 2017
Regarding the financial segment, only those who act fast are going to win. It is advisable for debts to be paid on time in 2017 because the balance between material wellbeing and being overwhelmed by debts is very precarious during this period. When Roosters have available money, it would be best to make a priority out of paying their debts.

The Rooster’s health in the year 2017
Generally, the years that match the sign under which we were born are considered to be not entirely good years for health. In order to stay away from the negative influence of the elements unbalance, the Roosters must act with a maximum of caution. Although the physical and mental energy seem to be overflowing, this year prolonged physical effort or extreme sports are not advisable. Special attention should be given to a healthy diet.